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    Day 3
    As more you get invested into the game the more frustrating these following „bugs, anomalies” are:

    – Runes look the same, make different outlook for every rune (for example Health Rune is the same as the Thor Rune, same goes to the Teleport Rune is the same as … I don’t know, whichever magic Rune, I think the spike Rune)

    – Blocking system is just broken guys, it is really apparent now: Even if I am holding my shield up I’m still getting hit from frontal attacks, especially when we are really close to each other (I was with normal sword and shield, he was hitting me with Great Sword). I got all 3 hits while I was blocking, and got my head off. What’s happening here?

    – Another blocking issue: Why is that someone eats lizard, or drinks, still can block your attacks?

    – FIXING HITBOX/HIT REGISTER IS A MUST: Thrusting detection is really random. Direct hits ain’t recognized, but random swings, little hits are. If this system would work the game would be MUCH ENJOYABLE.

    – I still don’t understand how the damage ratio is working. Some of my attacks with the same weapon
    that the enemy has are weaker than his/hers. Thrusting for example for someone is 1 hit, but for others it’s 2 or 3. I am also getting 1 hit by normal swords when I almost have full health… damage ratio seems really random.

    – Player list counts only to 7 or 9, make it endless, as for 16 players it’s not helpful

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    Build 0.0.23T

    DAY TWO:

    – So how does the blocking system works? Sometimes attacks aren’t blocked at all, but at least it takes away my stamina, while attacking (seemingly) takes no stamina, when, for example he/she attacks with spear. So blocking takes away stamina, everytime they hit you, but they don’t get „punishment”? Why? There are literally situations when the enemy attacks you non-stop, without being blocked or exhausted. I don’t get it.

    – The most obvious, direct hits aren’t registered most of the times, but the smallest contact with delayed hits/swings which animations are already ended takes away life. That’s a big issue, sometimes you can’t see, or comprehend how did your health went down while not taking any direct hits. Especially thrusting needs more precise system; sometimes direct thrusting ain’t got any effect, then you will get thrusted while you weren’t in it’s path. So Hit register fix is a must, you got to somehow reach the point where every little and direct hit has effect, because if not the whole gameplay seems to be placed on random damage system.

    – Teleport Rune not only not activates sometimes (known issue), but you will stuck in a tree if you want to teleport through it, but you can teleport through a huge obstacle. So can we use it through objects or not? That’s the question.

    – I’m just hoping the fire weapons are overpowered for fun, and after release they will be toned down a bit ^^

    Gametime: around 3 hours again.

    Despite these issues the game is really enjoyable still, even on the second day. Good Job HH!

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    Day Three (bonus)

    – There are instances amidst the fights when you can’t activate the Thrust (double W) attack, somehow the game don’t recognizes, so you kinda end up running, and figure it out what’s going on while someone is swinging his axe behind you. Probably some other action is needed before you can use the attack normally (like consumate some of the consumables from the Action Bar…).

    – …But there are moments when the game ain’t recognizes when you push the number of the consumable you got on your action bar. The Icon Highlights though, whenever you push the button, but the character is not doing anything. Nothing happens. Something gets stuck somewhere in those codes.

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    So the fourth day is here, and the gameplay really grows on us players tracing out all the features it beholds which makes some of the issues really apparent now:

    Extending the Fighting mechanic repertoire:
    – The fighting system needs more features because after a while it will become all about “Who will deploy the Power Attack in the right time”. (Bringer of Pain’s 27+ ideas list is a really solid fundation to build on in that matter /topic/27-issues-that-need-to-be-fixed-polished/ )

    About the Thor’s Rune:
    – Thor’s Rune is indeed low-tier one compared to the others, the damage is really minimal, not to mention visually it is underdeveloped (or just not appearing for some graphic option reasons), because all I see is the bright hammer I hold in my hands, but barelly any lightning.

    The non-responsive Action Bar:
    – Hitting numbers to consumate something from the Action Bar is non-responsive sometimes, especially after swimming in the cold water. First we thought it’s somekind of a mechanic, but this issue appeared even then when we weren’t close to any water.

    The Newly Respawned Issue and some suggestion:
    – I find the newly respawned people vulnerable thing a bit problematic, even though it’s a Viking world, so let people decide wether they have honor or not, and not killing those who just came back to life, but there could be some early shield for the reborn for a short time, but if the newborn attacks earlier, then it will turn off. Or something like that. You could also think about a little animation for respawning: if they are resurrected by the gods then you could do an animation like a little flash, beam, the guy floats a bit, with outstreched arms and then get on the ground, something like that. With the shield I suggested above it wouldn’t matter for the player whether it takes a bit of time to arrive to the ground, because he is protected.

    Suggestion for the Beam of Light of the GOD CHESTS:
    – You could also do somekind of an evolution on the beam of light for those GOD CHESTS that arrive from above. The beam has only one state visually. You could do some animation on it like: At first it only has some flickering/suggestive lightcolumns, then it gets thicker, wider, and then having that full beam you are already using for it. Animating the lightbeam would also give a “visual timer” factor to the whole thing giving the players some hint when the package will arrive.

    Action Bar Suggestion no. I:
    – I was thinking about improving the Action Bar system with “filtering options” the player could customize for him/herself: Like ruling out putting arrows automaticly onto the Action Bar (I know that in story mode there are more types of arrows, so this feature could be helpful), so the player could customize what type of items could the Action Bar system handle automaticly.

    Action Bar Suggestion no. II:
    – There could be also an option for the player to decide which Action Bar bracket what type of tools should display:
    for example: He can put a “filter-lock” on the brackets where he wants his weapons displayed, and another type of lock onto the ones where he wants his consumables to appear. So I don’t know, these locks could be color-coded, or something.

    This would rule out all the early issues players encounter with while not having anything yet on themselves at the begining of the game, and everything they pick up are automaticly put onto the Action Bar. With this option the players could customize the Action Bar close to their own gaming taste.

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    DAY FOUR (bonus)

    For the betterment of Inventory usage in a fast-phased game:
    – In short, I think it would be ideal being able to move your character while your Inventory is Open, like for example in World of Warcraft, but Rune is a much more fast phased game, so it would be really helpful if this would be implemented.

    Possible Walking option?
    – Sometimes, when on the edge of a mountain, or a really thin rock from which someone would like to shoot with his/her bow, or throwing things I think for positioning in little paces would be useful to have walking. Not so important, but I think it worth a thought.

    – When I am put down with a Power Attack my lying character slides on the ground non-stop. It’s actually hilarious to see, but also frustrating for the enemy as he hardly can put me out of my misery.

    So I think that’s all I have after all these 4 DAYS of carnage. Thank you for the oportunity and I hope you will find this feedback helpful even a bit. I definitely had many fun times with the Beta, also frustrating ones, but that’s just how it is with game development! See you later people!

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    Hey Dexter_Igorhunter. This is really great feetback. I’ll try to address what I can, in no particular order:

    • Hit registration is something that we are very aware of and are actively working on improving. With those improvements, blocking should feel *much* better.
    • Blocking while another animation plays (eats, drinks, dances) is a bug.
    • The teleport rune getting you stuck in a tree is a bug and is being passed to our QA team.
    • We’re looking at expanding the scoreboard. Both in terms of player count, and in terms of information that it offers.
    • Consumables not activating properly sounds like a bug. Will pass that along.
    • Runes looking too similar in-game is something we’ve heard a lot of feedback about. I believe our art team is currently taking a pass at those to make them look more distinct.
    • Thor’s PBAoE Rune is something we’re also heard a lot of feedback about. We’ll take another pass at it.
    • Respawn protection is another thing we’re talking about internally, and the best way to handle that.

    Again, thank you for the detailed feedback! It all helps a ton in making RUNE II the best that it can be.

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