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    Hello there,

    This may be a basic question, but i can’t find the way to create an anvil in a new house.

    When i build a new house all what it has is the fire and the safe chest, but i dont know how to craft an anvil or the other things to fix weapons, i have all those in the first house, so what i’ve been doing is traveling to the first house to fix and craft stuff..

    Great game i love it !

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    That was removed in one of the recent patches; you need to go to one of the marked villages and build the blacksmith for the anvil, with a different building having the repair station.

    Not sure the reason as it seems like an unnecessary change, and the armor breaks way too quickly.

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    From Patch 1.1.14691:

    • Removed anvil, whetstone, and rune forge from all longhouses.
    • They can be found in the forge, armory, and the village respectively.

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