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    I was wondering recently…since i preordered the game how the visuals and armors will work. It would be nice if we had a system so we don’t all look alike starting out or in the end game. Best i’ve seen so far is the LOTRO system.

    You basically have another tab called cosmetics where you can put in any item that than overrides the visual of the actual equipment.  They also have multiple tabs for multiple outfits which is great and adds so much to the game. Not to mention you could sell some nice armors and weapons to get an extra buck or two if you so decide.

    Here is the pic

    Is this a possibility? I would sure like to know that we won’t all look the same at the end of the game!

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    I made a suggestion a while ago to add a “clothing layer”, where you can change your outfit. This layer would be underneath any armor, and basically would make sure people looked different when unarmored. And this clothing could not be looted.

    James replied that they’d love to be able to do this down the road. So, no plans for anything like that currently.


    I know it’s not exactly what you’re asking for. I kinda hope that for the actual armor pieces themselves that you loot and equip, that you would be able to customize them visually to some extent. That, in addition to a clothing layer, would definitely allow for a lot of variety between players, even those who wear the exact same armor.

    But for now, unless things have changed, anything like that is most likely not a priority right now. Maybe during Early Access or sometime after full release.

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    Yep, HT is correct – maybe down the road. Thanks for the suggestions! If you haven’t already joined the beta, now’s the time: /rune-beta-program/

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