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    Hi! Game looks cool! But I got some questions about the game. I played Conan Exiles so much and still loving the game, I would like to purchase this game if it’s like CE,I saw at the latest video there is crafting/building. Viking setting is my favourite so I could easily change CE to this game after release, and Is there any kind of PvP? Thanks.

    PS: I do not care about Steam release or Epic Exclusivity.

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    There is indeed PvP in our game. As far as the first question, what features like CE were you looking for?

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      Hi Heimdall,Thanks for your reply. I would like to see pets like in CE and there is no mounts in CE, so that would be cool if RUNE has that feature. PvP is a must for me so that is nice. I would like to build my base anywhere in the map like in CE and the bombing the other player bases, loot their boxes and clan system could be cool. Combat already looks better than CE so I have nothing to ask about it.

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      We do not have any plans for pets or mounts in RUNE II. I’m happy to pass your feedback along to the rest of the team.

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