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    Our “coming soon” features are in the early stages of planning and development. They’re not currently playable in the game.

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    • Transformation Runes
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    So the dwarf concept looks totally awesome! I feared HH might decide to go more mainstream Tolkienesque with the dwarfs for the new RUNE, so I’m over the moon that you instead went even more original and dark! Big, big kudos!

    I’m just gonna repeat what I said in Discord a few times;


    The only thing is that the horns remind me a little too much of a forest creature like a faun or a satyr rather than a cave-dwelling underground creature.

    If the horns were redesigned just slightly even, that could take care of that.

    That might also allow for the use of hoods. This might already be planned, but if some dwarfs show up wearing hoods, that would be a really cool callback to the dwarfs of the original Rune.

    The last thing is that I hope they’re renamed into something else, like dvergr, to get even more of the good ole norse flavor to it.


    Awesome, awesome job on the design though!

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      Thanks for your thoughts HT! I’ve passed them along to the art team and they appreciate the feedback 🙂

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    Hey HH. I am very pleased with the efforts you and your staff are making on this Game. It is always a pleasure when one can take a little time to get lost in another World!

    I have a Question(s):

    >”Will any of these new Monsters/Characters be able to team up with us, and or other NPC’s in the Game? *For example, like Evil Wolf Riding NPC’s would have their Wolf helping them?  (Note: I know you mentioned ‘Pets’ being introduced (Of course, you did not say if they would only be “Cosmetic” or not?);  But, I kind of got the idea that we most likely would NOT be having any Pet Dragons fighting with us??)

    > Will Pets be “God/Goddess alliance” based?

    I realize this is still very early days, so there is no ‘bubble’ here to bust regardless of your answer.  Thank you for your time!

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      Thanks for the questions DragonScales! There are some ways the god alliance will play into the animals, but any faction will be able to have any pets.  The first question is something we will answer when we release more info on them later.

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    Transformation Runes? Hope it will be possible to turn into a giant or a dragon…

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