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    Watch Project Director Chris Rhinehart’s E3 interview with ShackNews at Indie Heaven! New alpha gameplay footage and some exciting updates – like the fact that we’re going into Early Access later this year! More information soon so keep your eyes peeled 😀

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    Very excited to hear about the early access news! That seems like a smart decision for a small, passionate team, intent on delivering the best experience possible. Cool to hear we’ll be able to buy the game soon and support you guys!

    HHJames, will there be any more interviews or previews from E3?

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    Thanks Hedy! Yes, more interviews and articles should be surfacing this week. I’ll be sure to post them 🙂

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    Cringe! I didn’t mention it before but this has been a long time coming: Chris emphasizing on how fun and awesome RUNE is appears super desperate. I guess you’re putting alot on the line, but the key to good PR is not to take things over the top.

    As far as I can tell the concept of your project, which he is advertising, is alright. Focus on how the mechanics will play out and the idea behind it to enable possible customers to estimate themselves if RUNE is for them.

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