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    A few quick bugs that are currently majorly effecting gameplay:

    Online menu screen is still losing frames for about 1-2 minutes when initially entered.

    When I attempt to join a server, I create my character and enter the loading screen with the serpent eating its body. It then spins for eternity, eventually kicking me to the main menu. This is the largest issue I am currently facing. It is not possible to join any online server – I see other people successfully in online servers, but it does not work for me. I can post video if needed.

    There are no official DM PvP servers on the list of servers that I can see.

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    Hello, thank you for reporting these bugs. The main menu screen hitching is related to server issues and we are working on a patch. Are you still unable to join any servers? Feel free to join us in the Discord for further assistance, we are quicker to respond there in general:

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    These issues should be resolved with RUNE II update 0.0.10L.

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