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    Noticed this in the winter areas suddenly snow would covering stuff and nothing was even falling
    when i backed away to area close that was normal no snow on the ground it reversed itself and went away…slowly walked back over to area it suddenly started covering everything with snow again…

    work needs to be done on the ages cycle which you dont even get to really see alot of the day/night cycle due to how fast a age goes by…this needs to be worked on the Ages should be long and no timer remove that…instead do it realistic guys like seasons and have a season system setup that takes a while in game …this game rushes things at you to much like you have to speed play it to race around grabing artifacts ect before the timer runs out while loki is raining nonsense down at ya ..Were the heck is this kind of gameplay in the orginal Rune we all can be an awesome RPG open world game if the arcady mechanics are removed…Loki should be fought at the end of the game and allow player to explore the world better….you cant just play at your own pace and when the ages are going faster than day to night cycle we have problem guys its really makes things awkward..

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