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    Fresh install as I have waited for a few updates before returning. Rented new server on GPortal. All of the following issues occur on my private server that is password protected.

    1) Experience bar froze at 235/500 level 1. Gained several journey progressions, said I received xp, no xp noted. Killing enemies – no xp noted.

    2) Upon returning to the game on 4/19 after playing two days, character was reset to brand new by the system. No weapons, armor, or any inventory. Experience reset to 0. However, it remembered my journey progression.

    3) Using controller, the game gets into a state where the movement controls go very slow and unresponsive. Found that by entering character sheet and returning seems to resolve issue.

    4) Upon upgrading/fixing one of the buildings in the beginner village, my avatar was too close to the foundation and got stuck in the walls when the building appeared. Had to log out and relog in.

    5) There is a building / tent in the beginner village. When it is not fixed (requires 10 wood and 5 animal hide), the collision boxes apparently are present because the character can get stuck in the area and not be able to move within it, even though it is not repaired and you cannot see the structure.

    6) Various NPC enemies attacking holding invisible weapons. The weapons are still there and they still hurt when they hit but you cannot see the weapon. The NPC is grasping at air.

    7) Not a bug – more of an annoyance – when near a building that needs repaired the box that pops up to show you what needs to be added to fix the building is large and in the middle of the screen with no way to close it or move it out of the way or minimize it.

    8) Various instances of items floating in the air after killing enemies. Some of them you can retrieve. Others you can do nothing with.

    9) Experience bar on the main screen lower right hand corner often does not match the experience bar on the character sheet. They show different levels of experience. It seems the main screen lower right hand bar is the correct one.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass this on to the team.

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