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    Main idea:

    You collect 3 kinds of object scattered around Midgard:
    – A Ring
    – A Talisman
    – Wings

    Each of these Objects/Artifacts needs to be placed on a rock with similar engravings on them on an undiscovered island far from Heimdalls Tower, when placed on theyre respective Engravings, you get permanent buffs:

    – Turning in the Ring will give you 20% more Health
    – Turning in the Talisman will give you 10+ points to all Resistances
    – Here comes the super difficult thing to do but cool part, Turning in the Wings you gain the ability to fly! Just like the Valkyries do!

    I know that this is “too much to ask”, but this is just an idea, adding this would be cool! But right now, Devs, just focus on the game, fix it real good! 😉

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