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    Sailing to one of the two new islands that will be available in Saturday’s playtest! Can’t wait to raid with all of the Closed Beta testers. If you want to join us, sign up for the newsletter for a chance to win in the next key drawing!

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    I just can’t stress enough how great sailing is, and how great the basics of it feels!

    Did you reduce the ship speed? It looks like it to me. Does different sized ships have different speeds?

    Also, is it a current goal to have the character actually hold and steer the rudder, to make it look better?


    The more you add to the whole sailing portion, the happier I’ll be! 😛

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    Glad you like it so far! We definitely plan to add more features that add to immersion, we are looking at the optimal way to do this currently. Yes, different size ships will have different speeds. Do you have anything on your wishlist for sailing? Also – you have great questions so don’t forget to stop by the AMA tomorrow if you’re able to!

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