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    Hi, here is my belated beta feedback from the playtest back in July this year.

    What I’d like to see improved:
    – I’d like to be able to change mouse sensivity for both X- and Y-axis seperately, please.
    – The deathmatch map from the playtest fealt too big for less than 8 players, 8 players is the maximum number of players I could test it with
    – A simplified 2D map would help understand the map’s layout better, I feel.
    – I would wish for a more classic approach for Deathmatch maps, or to have the option to choose between open-worldish islands and “classic” dungeon-style maps. All of the classic maps feel iconic by themselves, whereas where I worry for Rune 2, is that each map is going to be “just another viking island”.
    – From a stream the other day, you mentioned that remakes of Rune Classic Maps are being considered for patches or DLCs after the release of the game – That’s what I’m looking most forward to.

    Apart from that I truly think that the game is coming together nicely, thank you for your hard work.

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    Thanks for the belated feedback! A lot of what you bring up are things that we’re aware of and hear you. Thank you for being a fan of RUNE!

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