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    If you have the chance to play the game “Prey” also
    by Human Head Studios, they have created a bar in
    Madison, WI in the beginning of the game. The main
    character of Prey spawns in the bathroom of this bar.
    When he walks down the hall, he finds himself in this pub.

    In the bar, they have placed a Rune Arcade game which was
    really fun, and a jukebox that plays authentic classic rock.
    (I hope the developers got the rights to those tunes.)

    The thing is, I was only in my thirties when I played the first
    Rune game and loved it. On PC, it seemed that only adult players
    were playing on-line multi-player which is a good thing. Rune is
    too violent and grown up for young kids to be playing this game.

    Really Rune was like a bar or a club in a video game and that made it fun
    for adult video gamers. Many “console” video games rated M for mature more
    often than not, kids are the biggest fans of those M rated video games. Few
    kids ever talk about Rune probably because they don’t remember a game created
    in 2000. (before they were born). I hope they have an age verification on Rune
    Ragnarok (2) anyway, because kids can play the multitude of other video games
    made for them, not the M rated video games.

    That said, Human Head could widen the audience for their Rune games by making other
    versions for different age groups. Think of Viking kids toys or possibly creating some
    merchandise around Viking Russian nesting dolls. What fun could be had with little
    Ragnar action figure play sets. Legos is always a possibility.

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