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    Dear Human Head Studios,

    It seems that people from Poland and Ukraine currently cannot buy Rune Classic on Steam becuase you have not put a price for the game in these countries currencies.

    Please log in to Steam with your admin account and set a price for the game in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) and Polish zloty (PLN).


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    TBH, it’s not really worth it unless just purchasing solely for Single Player. The Multi-Player has all KINDS of compatibility issues, including the old classic of GameSpy being shut down and no official patch being made available to make it compatible to more casual players who don’t know how to modify their .ini files, etc.

    Kind of a shame, a lot of the more casual Rune players stopped playing entirely when the servers went down… still quite a few of us kicking though!

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    wrong i lost my original cd to rune and bought rune classic on steam and i am always playing in multiplayer online. and my friends from my clans in other games buy it in steam and play too.

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    Hey, everyone! We tried to set the prices for more countries – Handaxe, would you be able to confirm that the problem is resolved? We also know there are some minor bugs for Windows 10 users that we are still working on. Thanks!

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    Hey, i was wondering why this game isn’t available on steam?

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    Hello There Human Head,
    I reside in Australia and cannot buy this game. I am wondering if this is the issue that is stopping me from doing so. Can you please update the game listing to be in AUD as well please.


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