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    I was groan and DJ Zig back then.

    Remembering the old moderators, Kazi Wren and the goddess, Laurie the Deep Minded.

    Let’s see a show of hands!

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    Played Rune 1.01

    I guess your experience is from Rune HOV?

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    [BS.DK]SorenBjerg back in the day o/.


    Haha, this guy above me.

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      SorenBjerg! My Man! Welcome back and may the merriment begin!


      Yes, I was there for 1.01, and HOV and right at the very beginning!

      Looking forward to see who else wanders into the arena!

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    Heya SorenBjerg
    I played 1.00 and HOV

    Former nicknames : inextremis, Impact , Shindara.

    Current nickname is Zaphirs_Aesir.


    RUNE ON mates.
    It has finaly happened!

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    Lupus, and I haven’t changed my name since then, but I wasn’t seen much on forums, rather more in game.
    I was shocked people are still playing Rune HoV, not much of them but the view warms my heart 😉

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    I remember the Zaphirs! Glad to see you’re back

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    Oh! They fixed the profile name issue, and the white-out for the posts of the OP.


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    Howdy. Oh yeah, I was on the forums a bit back then. Couldn’t play much online since my internet was severely lacking back then. Can’t even remember my old username, but I remember Kazi Wren, Laurie (whom I saw commented on FB, so she’ll likely show up as well), Harald Hardbalne etc. And all the endless threads with Lanza and how he was NOT a cheater. Or was that Jedi Outcast…? Nah…

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    And me Dark, who created Rune Coop. I was also a Moderator on the site for the Coop forums.

    Hows it going all?

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    Yea, Harald, and can’t forget Spazdik! and remember all the Mac players, lol, Mac.

    DARK! Hows it going! Glad to have you back 🙂

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    Glad to be back and see this finally coming out.

    I’m trying to get info from the Chris or Dave about the tools and see if Coop can be implemented. Lets all hope!

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      Hey Dark! We’ll have more info out about that soon!

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    Played 1.0 and HOV…was RebelHonor

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    Good to see some names I remember! 🙂


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    Dark, I’m personally hoping singleplayer and multiplayer will be intertwined to some extent. As it’s open world sandbox I hope it is designed with co-op in mind from the start.

    I actually hope it will take inspiration from Dark Souls in that regard, to some extent.

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    Hail ol’ warriors! Good to see so many familiar names!

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    Hey i’ve played a lot of 1.01 and some HoV too under Vigo and Zohan.

    Who else can’t wait to see if MorgasM is still around ?

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      i miss talking trash with morgasm. he was a fun guy. loved playing against his turn key style.

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      Do miss Morg too,

      Would be nice to get everyone back on

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    Was [MEGA]Overkill, it would be so cool if i could find any of the guys or the MEGA clan

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    Well this is awkward, Harald Hardbalne here. Also known as Barbarian_Mercenary.

    Nice to see you’re still kicking, Groan!

    Already knew I’d find SorenBjerg here, but where’s Yellowbeard, Black Elvis, Lobo, LonghorN, Socketboy, Blackoak, Hrothgar, Mulan, the rest of Junn and the entire HHFO? Not to mention those low caliber masochists?

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      Greetings BM

      god damn.. reading throu those names made me travel back in time….

      Mulan had the sexyest Avatar.. does anyone remember?! 😀 Hahaha

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      I’m right here bro, never really left but just stood back a bit 😉

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    started playing Rune from the beginning and was in several Clans like [LoR],Acryl and PunX / *(PaA)*.

    I remember having some nice CWs against Zaphirs, AVM, FF, HoD, HHFO, GTC and BDL  and a tough one against Barbarian Might.

    Nice to see Zaphirs is still around. Might be some good adress for me when Ragnarök comes around 😉

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      You would be more than welcomed, just pop by our realm and we’ll show you the courtesy of ‘a keg on the head’ 😛

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    Great to see you back! That list of names sure does bring back a lot of memories. Here’s to hoping some of them return.

    Also, Idometrius was a big part in helping me build Club Zig. Provided the background music!

    I don’t remember who made the pool tables and the juke box.

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    As old and farty as they come. I wish I recognized more names here, but I’m old and farty and my memory is crap. Perhaps you’ll do me the honor of reminding me with the the sharp end of your blades when the opportunity arises.


    For the Legion!

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    Welcome back! Any more of your old Khaos Klan coming back?

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    I’m actually Renegade Legion. Khaos Klan I think were other folk.. I vaguely remember the name.


    I dusted off my old emails for Black Oak (Zepharis), Black Elvis, Yo Daddy, and a slew of my old Clan makes, VonStub, Tarranogg, Bane. I’m actually depressed I didn’t have more of my clan mates contact info, but hopefully they can chain it along and we can invade this forum with sheep sex jokes before you know it.

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      Ah, I remember the days fighting over ‘Gonk’s Field’ with RL Bane. And so many other splendid moments since my first day at the servers…

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    1.01 – 1.08

    Ready for Ragnarok!  Good to see many also going to be returning, all the name drops just touching that Nostalgia so much lol!

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    So many old faces here! Great to see so many of you still around. Jeez, it’s been like 15 years!

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      Phoenix.. Good to see you. Homewrecker cool to see you as well. and as for OPC it would be good to clash with them again. Great to see a new game after all these years..

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      i would love to get 1.01 running again!

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    Oh wow, it’s like a reunion in here!

    Remember Moone? I wonder if he’ll show up. Just looked on the WayBackMachine…LOL!




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      Someone get Moone in here


      waybackmachine hitting me hard with nostalgia right now

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      I found an old email address for him, sent him a ‘git in here!’ message.

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      harold !!! maud is here !!! oh, wait wrong movie ))))))))))))

      so great to see you all, i wish we all get invited to the alpha rounds

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    I was kinda name dropping, but mostly in regard to I really hope they still check these emails still and stop by, I miss these guys a lot. I miss this game and community a lot. It’s actually really mind boggling to me just how many good memories I have of this game and the honor whore crowd I ran with from 1.01 onward. I know this isn’t going to be the same. Nothing will ever be exactly like it was. But this game, I can’t really describe adequately what was so magical about it and the multiplayer community in particular. Enough that, while my understanding is there’s a good chance that MP isn’t going to be a focus of Ragnarok. I really hope they manage to shoe horn it in somehow like they did in the original. I think most the people here know exactly why I feel that way.


    How many of you have just got the bug and just had to reinstall RUNE 4 years.. 2 years,.. 8 years after you last played it? You just -had- to.. only to find the multiplayer has tapered off so you end up playing SP a bit.. But you know.. you just know that’s not gonna scratch that itch. DOn’t get me wrong. The single player is great in Rune Classic.. but this itch isn’t about sticking a sword in mere goblins, dwarves or sarks.. It’s the compulsive need.. the desire.. the yearning to slam, hammer or eviscerate -You-… Ya, -You-. All you old farts here. I want to kill you, you want to kill me. That’s why we boot it back up.. that’s why we reinstall. And while the single player was most undoubtedly the soul of the game. The multiplayer.. the matching of wits and blade against other greats.  Without the need of artificial class systems or over barring stats. The feeling of living by the skill of your sword arm and your wits alone. That was the life blood that made RUNE legendary for those of us blessed to have participated in it during it’s hay-day.


    But yeah, nostalgia.

    …Can I say honor whore? This is adult forum, right? Because.. yeah, all our old rune slang tended to use that word a lot. xD

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    I hear you Khaos! Rune, the community, was the only community, apart from Gamers with Jobs, that I stayed in to chat for as long as I did. Look at the Wayback Machine link to see just how many years it spanned. For a good 8 or 9 years the game and community remained active. We were all friends, well most of us, and we tolerated the others ;).  Everyone knew everyone and we welcomed the new guys with open arms.  The mods were top notch (CO OP!) and the player made maps were amazing. The mechanics we devised to come up with a safe arena was crazy cool.

    I look forward to seeing if can bring that pack.




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    Hello there,

    I’ve been playing rune since 2001 and came back to rune HOV like 2 months ago.  Still alot of fun!

    Its great to see some Zaphirs and BM members here!

    Best greetings,



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    Hey everyone. Suprized Laurie isn’t here. It’s me, POKRISHKA, THE Russian guy from the old times 🙂 Well, I started playing multiplayer at around 2003, so I guess not that old times for some people 🙂

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      Hey @POKRISHKA you should join the Discord server, we need more LCC representation 🙂

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    I sent Laurie a Facebook message but no reply yet. Great to see you Pokriska!

    We should see Moone around soone to!

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    <— skreWball (secretlabs)

    • #1085

      I used to game with you and your wife when I was like 13. I loved going to your server man.

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      Hey…miss you and the Mrs!

      Demandred LT FOE

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      Hey man, if you remember Poofmonkey from back in the day that’s me.  good to see you’re around, used to play a lot with you trying out all your models.

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    “welcome back” everyone. 🙂

    Lets spread the Word out as much as we can. Lets bring more old farts back and welcome the New players to our community

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    Hear Hear!


    Welcome back everyone!

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    thank you for the mail and invite to here, groan

    so, lets the old flamewars rise (joke) and barbecue each other on the battlefield again ^^)

    anybody heared anything about laurie the wise ?

    just for the old days sake and paying respect to the elder …

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    Welcome home Moone! Great to see you back!

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    Skrewball, yo. Okay lads, we got a FOE in here now. Let’s break out the mead.

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    Heya, didn’t post much on back in the days..I was more like a silent reader – but I miss it for sure.

    If you want to find some other oldskool ppl maybe have a look at our RUNE discord server here: (229 people in)

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    Johan here, not sure if anyone remembers me, was Johan_Ranger, and [REY]Johan_Ranger after that ingame.

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    Yes and no, wasn’t around at the forums but was playing the game vigorously since finding the demo on a pc gaming magazine CD.

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    By the way, anyone else surprised by their quiz result?

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    Ha, ha……Great to see sooooo many Old “Farts” sailing back into RUNE’s home fjord.  I’ll have to dig up my old Groan made “RuneGameGoddess” avatar to use here now.   Joined this site right after Human Head told me about it, but “life” keeps butting in and haven’t dropped by in a while.

    Somewhere in my backup files, I have some “saved” pages from Kazi’s “Ragnarok: the Official Fansite of HH RUNE.” before the site was revamped into “” (Sept. 2000).   Also a bunch of old “” discussion lists archived just before ( and after) the website crashed in 2012.


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    So great to see you drop in!

    “groan fetis” Loved it! I saw it recently, I cn’t remember where, maybe the RuneWorld site.

    Aha!  it’s a little small…

    Maybe the Human Heads will let you use your own avatar. It seems it’s turned off for the rest of us.


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    was and still am SuicidalGoat of the OFPR clan

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    You have done well… bravest of my warriors!!

    I’ve been hooked on Rune since I discovered it in 2001.

    I’m glad to see some familiar names here… from the first version to the last one, Rune, in my opinion is still the best/most fun game and the multiplayer is what keeps me interested. Too bad the multiplayer community, these days, is not what used to be.

    Hail Rune!!


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    Hello all –

    Still [paranoid.jack] in all the games I play, which is primarily BF1 now.

    Many wonderful years were spent on Rune Beta, 1.00, and 1.01…many custom servers, forum posts, websites. The only game I’ve ever played where I gave a damn about speaking to the strangers I was playing with. Never before or since have I cared to form teams, clans, battles. There was something about the physics of Rune 1.01 that made players feel as if they were actually in the game, and it was so person, it was impossible not to make friends (and enemies).

    We will be back if this gameplay is as hot as 1.01. Will be nowhere to be found if it is as mindless as HOV.

    Good to see some of you here, can’t wait to cut your head off and beat you to death with it.

    Warm regards to all,


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      Jack ok buddy! How’s life! [paranoid.mongoose]

    • #3721

      GOOD TO SEE YOU ALIVE DEREK! Hope you are still kicking ass. Nice to see one of us in here – I am surprised how many people I don’t recognize, though I played daily from Thorstadt pre demo through way too long…

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    Knock knock,

    wouldn´t call myselfe one of the old farts, but I´ve been around and known for some time

    and I remember alot of names here 😉

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    EvilDick!  Yes, you are an old fart 😉


  • #1041

    Yep, old farty here. iiWii will be here for the whole process, stoked to say the least

    • #10135

      oh shit man! im just now reading this thread and saying hello to those i saw ingame.

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    I’m old and farty.  Always liked to mix my monikers up. el gordo grande aka spitney beers aka drunk.meXican.santa aka the.lunch.lady

    etc., etc., etc.

    If this game is as it should be, prepare for the return of fat meXican mayhem.

    Cheers to all ye olde flatulence enthusiasts.  I love the wee ones who sing for their supper.

    • #3722

      Did you see my crouched on that torch when you came in the door, f&*ker?

    • #4485

      You know I did, Soreone.

      Nice to see you now, as well.

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    Played Rune; never played HoV as I never knew it had been released. I had clocked the game and put it to rest by that point.

    Hopefully this game will allow me to revisit the glory days.

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    i checked a bit around, watched the first dev-video and im for sure in the moment the game is out or for alpha-and beta-testing

    all the remembering comes back from the old days and its somehow hearttouching that this happens now what so many dreamed about at the times back

    i wish a lot of “elders” and players from the former rune appear or show up

    its really touching, all the sweat at the times there arent forgotten and i cant wait to play the new game ^^)

    what are my wet eyes seeing here, LAURIE !!!!

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    I’ve been playing since the original release of Rune, and I remember a lot of the old timers and clans. I was very young back then, and I spent a lot of time under different alias as the years just seemed to melt away into the next. When I play this game it’ll feel reminiscent.

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    Holy hell was I not expecting to see so many familiar names and tags in this thread.

    So I just saw the trailer last week because I sadly missed it and found out one day when I got curious about Rune. I have to say that since I saw the initial trailer, it gave me so many chills and brought back the biggest wave of nostalgia I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure I was shaking with excitement for the next fifteen minutes at least. I’m hoping that HH will be adding an arena gamemode again. So many fantastic nights/hours spent in arena just shooting the shit with everyone playing and having a grand time.

    – [cØv.Nail] (I still remember the alt code for the tag and everything!)

  • #1161


    Hot sausage! many old names here! I did not anticipate that, but in hindsight, I am not that surprised.


  • #1191

    I’m still alive. Just got rid of the fancy characters from my name.

  • #1196

    [paranoid.mongoose] checking in. Aka zaphirs_sthrad, or Sthrad for some.

    • #9718

      He he, ya sure was bro. Btw, I often wonder what me life would have been had I joined you in Africa 😉

  • #1209

    Hi guys , rune hov <3 hope to battle you guys soon in beta !

  • #1212

    =iNi=Homerecker here, played 1.00 and 1.01. I see you Phoenix and paranoid 😬

    • #2168

      Holy shit Homerecker! How do I get in touch with you man? Facebook, email? Been ages, was wondering what you were up to these days!

    • #3723



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    Hey guys, I don’t know how i missed this news but I just came across this today. Can’t wait to start playing! Rune was always a good time.


    • #1626

      I remember cØv, great times! Are you guys still in contact? Hoping to see a lot of cØv guys coming back for this new game.

  • #1241

    [F4N]Barba ready for combat. 🙂

  • #1394

    Looks like I’m a bit late, but its great to see many familiar names from the runegame days. I was moorkhan in the old days, made a few little mods and mutators way back then and enjoyed the antics on the old forums.

    • #1395

      Better late than never! 🙂

  • #1411

    I was looking for a game to buy made in Unreal and randomly spotted Rune on Wikipedia and I was like “hmm, I wonder what Human Head is up to these days?”…And what a surprise to discover all of this! lol

  • #1484

    I was Putz back in the day.  I can’t believe they are  finally making a sequel to this game.  I recognize a lot of names on here.  Rune had such a great community.  Haven’t come across anything quite like it since.

  • #1485

    hey guys 🙂

    i wasnt deeply involved into forums, but i’m sure we’ve met at least once on the HoV battlefield.

    for me theres no use to state other nicknames or clans, lol.

  • #1499

    Yup. I was there. I didn’t stick around long, got too busy leading platoons in a gaming clan, but I was there.

  • #1514

    Another ancient member here as well. Great to see everyone that survived.

  • #1561

    Played from 1.00 like many others. Can’t wait for this. I hope I get picked for the closed beta.

  • #1592

    A friend of mine pointed me here. I’m Urlor of DMI (Dead Man Incorporated), TaW (The Arena Whores), and the Low Caliber Club. I mostly played 1.06/1.07/1.08. I actually still have 1.08 on my machine. I seldom fire it up, but typically all I see is unfamiliar faces playing FFA on one of the 1 on 1 maps. Arena is empty. I hope this new game still has an arena mode. Would be nice to duel people again.

  • #1613

    i was YesThor of  =BH=

  • #1627

    Zaphirs, yes i remember. Always werry hard fights with Zaphirs.

  • #1634

    Wow, so many names from the past, have never found such a tight community after Rune.

    So many hours of madness and all out fun.

    Would love to see it come back to life.

  • #1635

    Another =iNi= oldschooler is here 😉

    • #2169

      What up DRO!! So good to see you man, join us on the Rune discord, and let’s chop some heads soon haha.

    • #3724

      Oh man. I’m seeing enough people I know now to consider this…

  • #1642

    I got rune the december when i turned 12. Now im 30.

    Former nicks


    evil Ángel.

    Sir LanZa/ LanZaroTe

    I never stopped playing i always come from time to time to remember And to see new And old folks.

    I apologize if in the past my behaviour could annoy those who were against me. For me there is no


    I love you guys from my memories. And everyone of you who kept playing And loving this best game ever.


    I was playing 1.00 since the epoque of

    The creation of sark skins posted in

    Playing with


    With sizco And his cousin deathwish

    Also a guy from netherlands




    Drk drunkmastah(drunken rune killers)!!if someone knows this guy… would love to contact him.

    this guy teached me how to master my dws. Back then in year 2000 he was playing already like a Pro.


    Then when i moved to 107 / hov i used to play with

    Gaiscedach clan members

    Avm stasis And saturas

    Ff killigbuu wicked And jo]{er

    Dsr dg pitman And kronostime.


    The list is huge.


    Would love to see them back.







    • #3725

      Had many enjoyable games putting an end to DW’s sprees.

  • #1646

    Avarice of Eternal Resistance and The Arena Whores(although I only ever wore the tag as Mastema) 🙂

    I hope this “sequel” will be just half as good as the good ol’ Rune because if it is, we’ll be off to a decent start. I am however worried about the RPG elements said to be involved in this game, but it might not be a major factor.

    Here’s to hoping!

    • #1647

      Masty Mast mast!!! Good to see you still exist :D. Get back to Rune man. The euro side is quiet without you 😛

    • #1663

      Urrhh…It’s been some years since I was active and I have no intention of getting back into the old Rune anymore. Studying hard to become…something… 🙂

      And good to see you’re still kickin’! 😉

  • #1666

    I was too young, back then…

  • #1672

    Hey all,

    Its KalCorp from the old days!

    Cant wait to see the new stuff.

    KalCorp, Creator of all the VAS mod’s
    VAS-Weapons, VAS-Shields, VAS-Monsters,VAS-MOTD, VAS-Arena, and many more..

    legacy Rune section and mods,

  • #1674

    Demandred LT FOE

  • #1696

    ..of the Old People Clan, short as it was.

    • #1795

      It all went weird…

      Was replying to someone else and for some reason it ended up as a reply to your post… :s

    • #2170

      Hey man, -=OPC=- is still (kinda) around! Princess and WARF are still kicking, and boo! What oPc member where you??

    • #2281

      My forum screen name and in-game tag at the time are the same.

    • #10137

      was tampon not in opc?

    • #10136

      yeah i was playing against the OPC in 2013-2014 the last time i was able to get online before gamespy went down. and then after some people hosted servers.

  • #1748

    Hey there,

    Rüdiger and Barbarian_Heretic.

    Honer plz!

    • #1796

      Hey baby ride with me away
      We doesn’t have much time
      My blue jeans is tight
      So onto my love rocket, climb

    • #1797

      above us there is nothing above

    • #1798

      Haha, that brings back memories.

      Good seeing you around again, it’s been a while.

  • #1750

    Hiya Long time no see..

  • #1756

    It’s awesome to see the news of the sequel has reached so many fans of the original. I hope we can still set enemies on fire!

    Flashback time!

  • #1817

    Back then, I went by Zack – FoE and BIWS member (Bleeding Idiots With Swords)

    A hardy greetings to you all.

    The only people I recognize so far has been Skrewball (Mr and Mrs Skrewball server) and Kalcorp from VAS.

    Loved that mod.


    • #4660

      Holy hell.  Didn’t think I would find anyone else from BIWS here.  This is great!


      Used to go by the name: Urza01, or Eva01.


      Now I go with BloodEagle or BroodEagle.

  • #2026

    18 years! Hi Everyone!

  • #2043

    Old fart here too! Man when Rune came out i was 17…i waited for this for soooooo long! This game better be 10/10!

  • #2049

    Hey guys, I’m also back from the past.. Thor! Part of the team and EvilCity if people remember those good old days.. 😀

    Looking forward to chopping heads with you all again.

  • #2093

    A lot of us old farts are still around in some ways 🙂

  • #2138

    Hey guys, I’ve been gaming since NES days.

    I clearly recall the PS2 RUNE game but never had the chance to play it. Skyrim is probably my favorite game of all time and I couldn’t believe I didn’t know of this game’s existence until today when I saw the trailer. So stocked up for this game!! Let’s go Vikings.

  • #2242

    Hey DaBabe, Very long time 🙂

  • #2246

    My dear friends,

    Terminus is here! Rune’s  Terminus, {^Terminus^}-=JuNN=-, and [DMI]~Terminus, and also FoE  – Special thanks to LXG Fusion for alerting me to Rune 2, I had given up all hope. I have prayed for this day. I will say what I said thousands of time. Rune is the best game ever created, and I have always been proud of my accomplishments.. I feel that I met more Rune players than anyone, and played Rune more than anyone. Anyone really paying attention, knows this. Eventually nearly everyone I ever knew was gone or playing very rarely, and I think my last match with old JuNN and ROV, REY friends was around 2010. Seeing so many dear friends here brings me a great happiness and can’t wait to play the new game with you. For now, I can be found playing Verdun and Tannenberg (WW I series) in STEAM. Strongly recommended. In fact Verdun is the closest thing I ever found to Rune.. yes a WW I FPS, felt, or reminded me of Rune and I boded with it, just because of that.. This is HUGE. Rune II ?!!!!!!


    • #5143

      Hey Terminus, if you remember Poofmonkey I certainly remember you.  Always looked at you as kind of a mentor back in the day, teaching me to fight lol.  Good to see you’re still around.

    • #9919

      Of course I remember you Poof! It’s great to see you in here. I totally remember how to helped Skrewball test countless mods. You were probably youngest member of . The great thing is that Mr.and Mrs Skrewball are going to be around to help make the new Rune even better. Many old friends wait for the release. We are all very excited. We are going to be able to do viking stuff like we never dreamed possible. The truth is that what we had back then was incredible, and it really can’t be recreated. The good news is that with today’s technology and communication, the new Rune community has a real chance of building an even stronger and vital collective of Runers. The current craze of games with survival elements is all the rage these days, and I’m hoping that the new Rune will be brutally hard. Welcome home Poof Monkey!

    • #11336

      HAIL! Mighty Terminus! You have not been forgotten! [DMI] will unite again.. – [DMI]_LifeCast

  • #2263

    Present, and accounted for!

  • #2278

    Wow, a in the flesh! That’s oldskool. I still have a Server saved in my favorites… Good to see you Terminus! I remember playing you on JuNN and FoE! Hope you come back for Ragnarok.

  • #2280

    Battousai checking in.  I randomly typed “Rune 2” into Google tonight (as I have intermittently done over the past 15 or so years) and was shocked to find that this actually exists!  I’ve been around since the demo came out my 8th Grade year.  I’m seeing a lot of familiar names, and like the rest of you, can’t wait to get into the game.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m as anxious as I am excited.  There’s a lot to live up to and, after after 17 years of waiting, I really, really hope this doesn’t miss the mark.  I hope they can capture the feel of classic Rune multiplayer.  I have yet to play another “hack and slasher” with the same depth of control, yet intuitive, simple, and fun combat.  Nothing since has even approached it.  Until I can try it out first hand, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and pray that there isn’t some attempt to “modernize” the combat system à la For Honor.

    • #3726

      I hope you cursed out my goblin as much as I did your DWS. Good to see you back.

    • #4804

      Yes! For some reason one particular game on dm_deck16 sticks out in my mind when I see your name.  Good to hear from ya.

  • #2282

    I’m very happy to see ALL of you. I still cannot believe this flew past me for so many months.. It’s quite certain that many friends will return and I don’t think HH is going to disappoint. We will have another chance to build a new Rune community and it has the potential to be even better than the original Rune. It’s actually a tall order. I don’t know if it will support user made content as it did, in the past, and I suspect it’s meant to be an entirely different experience. That said, if it’s really successful and HH keeps adding content, maybe they will find a way to keep our genius mod / map creators, like Skrewball, Hrothgar JuNN, [DMI]LizardKing, and so many others; busy. Our oracle Laurie is here.. What else could we ask for? Meanbone-=JuNN of course1 Where’s Longhorn, KopyKatt, Kaindragoon, Attila? Mulan? Jimmy? Where are the JuNN? DragonBreath is here! – How about LatinoThor, or evil chick? Tsesmatas*JuNN* aka Renrir, Gragor, Angel,Joker ??? Cujo is here! Where are the Lamer Tamers? I see mention of Pitman.. where’s DSR DG?…. Oh…. I can go on and on, and on   Panacea . . . Lord Khrom …Hood? For crying out loud  EDGE is here! FoE lives!  – This is the moment we have all been waiting for.. I’m going to build a brand new rig for this and show “Where you rock Rune” what a Rune station should look like. I’m going all out. If there is somewhere else, where more of the people from the old days gather, please shoot me an email at, and I welcome anyone who wants to catch up or remember old times. I offer my respects and bright memories to some of us no longer with us. BaLL BuSta~JuNN~ and others who will never be forgotten. Rune holds a special place in the hearts of all of us here and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Yesterday I woke up to a world where Rune 2 is a reality. I had an extra bounce to my step..

  • #2403

    What a blast from the past – We (LamerTamers) are still around, albeit dormant (We all have kids) waiting to *Taunt* again.

  • #2404

    Yo Termy. Been a while.


    Lamertamers, I remember the organization, but not sure if I can recalls the members. You lot were around when RoL was around, right? Or were you lot more active in HoV

  • #2405

    Also. Why the hell arent all ya’ll on the discord?

  • #2407

    was one of the first Rune clans and I have many fond memories of my Rune beginning and there are many connections between the various clans in the early days. Many were {FoE} = Friends of EDGE and everyone knows RoL was one of the original hooligan clans sporting personalities like Crackhead. {LoA} with Lord Khrom and DaBabe were early fixtures in early days, as were the Zaphirs. Once there was a clan called {Roman} Their leader was Emperor, and he had all sorts of generals, captains, and even a praetorian guard. They recruited anyone and the servers were ripe full with {Roman} clan members. Most of these memories are from first few months after release of HoV. I did play 1.01 and other versions on and off, and respect that community, but I did specialize in Arena. I remember awesome servers like “PingTime” and Judas could run a great server. Map makers and mod creators flourished. Who can forget all the crazy ideas Skrewball brought to life? Boxing anyone? I think I flew his Migs in Rune mod once.. The variety that this community created was staggering. Some of us went from CRTs to flat panel displays. And yes, I was posting my now infamous long winded rants, which would usually get me into trouble, all over the various forums as soon as I joined Lamer Tamers. Very early there was a group of Rune virtuosos, GREATLY misunderstood… The JuNN horde. Their enigmatic and hyper-talented leader had a vision and he would soon encounter a mercurial player. But that’s a story for another time.

    I’m not on Discord, but I imagine that I may be in a few months. I welcome other Rune community historians as there are many angles to the story of the people who enjoyed Rune’s heyday. It’s amazing how much I do remember. The names are coming back to me… Kull – AngelofDeath – Kaparoo

  • #2415

    Heres the discord link for anyone interested. Come join us, foos.

  • #3517
  • #3616

    I played as TOXiN on RUNE if anyone remembers me!  🙂 I cannot wait for this game to come out.  Will there be an Arena mode like in the old game?

  • #3621

    seriously…come back to rune… all of you…i am left with only having euro players to play with most of the time. lagfest 2018 in their servers for me. instead i sit around in an empty server wishing someone would join in. i miss the days when rune was heavily populated so bad. i always wish i could see someone come back from the old days. never happens. i made my friends buy rune through steam so they play with me some and joined my clan and all but seriously….come back…its still great fun. you shouldn’t have left. its cheap in steam…come back…even after this new one comes out i very seriously doubt i could abandon the original. not completely.  not ever. come shake some rust off, give rune some of its former glory back in preperation for the next rune. i know a certain group of trolls caused lots of players to quit back in the day. but the ones i recognize from them seem to have grown up and stopped trying to kill the game by trolling everyone out. you can have fun again lol come on! its cheap its fun and its easy. would be great to see you all come back all  at once and start trying to shake the rust off your blades. i would be a very happy Ninny if that happened.

  • #3644

    I can’t believe how many of you guys are still alive 😉


    LCC forever

  • #3645

    Also I can’t believe it took me so long to find this. Thanks Brian / Midknight

  • #3646

    pretty sure i remember you socketboy. you were a good fighter and respectful and friendly. i liked you. come back to the original rune. it needs you. also gonna point out that i seen supernoob make a post. i remember you super noob. the greatest troll that ever entered valhalla. Mr. BF himself. you are using your alt name that you also used back then, the alias that was friendly and nice and honorable. I have same message for you. come back. ive seen your friendly version on rare occasion in rune but not supernoob. not in a very long time. some may hate me for tempting you, but bring supernoob back. i want to see that corpse  crouching throwing running funny troll again. i miss chasing you. not gonna rat you out and reveal your alt name. teach these modern wannabe trolls how to troll and be fun about it. put up the good fight and call it a bad fight. make ninny smile and rage at the same time. i want it. i need it. come get some. lets have bg’s together again for old times sake.

  • #3647

    ***pushes the legendary Feeder Of Crows aside***….and yells “Oi! Socketboy…..remember me ?”

    ***while tossing the mead-can towards him***……..”where´s Zodiak btw ?”





  • #3648

    Hey!! what about my friggin mead?!

  • #3649

    ***Drunken Haltyr yells ..”watch out below !”…while throwing a keg of mead at him***

  • #3650

    ***rechecks my gender before coveting the mead***phew, still a girl. scared me. thought maybe i had a sex change without knowing it after you called me a him.

  • #3652

    ***Oh …really ?… he babbbles in his drunk state and throws another keg hoping this time it wont be understood offensive ***^^

  • #3653

    Aye I remember you lot. Thanks for the mead!

    Who knew that 18 years later I would be coming back to this same community. Feels like coming home!


  • #3655

    HEY Keep it down in here! Us old farts need our nap!

    **throws barrel of mead**

  • #3656

    ***get´s hit by Groan´s thrown barrel in the face, but still hughs the mead-keg while nosebleeding and yells  “Yeah ! This is home !”***

  • #3657

    Man, this exchange makes me hope dearly we get to mess around in Longhouses/Mead Halls a la such;


  • #3718

    Any other old JuNN folks lurking about? Attila here. Aka a few other names.. REY Rival, Barbarian_Torturer from when I thought I was European..  haha. Good to see some old familiar names in here!


    • #3720

      Great to see you, Attila! Been a long time since I’ve seen you or Fox. As far as I know, Toxic, Loki_666 and LatinoThor are on the unofficial Rune discord. Mercenary and Heretic from Barbarian are there, too. Lat has been missing for a few months though; but definitely feel free to join us old schoolers there and catch up.

    • #4613

      I saw Hrothgar_JuNN today in the play test! I know there are a few more JuNN’s around!

    • #11400

      Hey, I used to be REY Trainwreck. I remember all you guys and just stumbled upon this craziness that I thought would never happen. WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!!

  • #3736

    Welcome old friend 🙂

  • #3737

    Hey all,  a reminder to join us on the unofficial discord🙂

  • #3739

    Hey guys! Not sure if you know, but we have an unoffical discord!

    Lots of new and old peeps on. WE’;re msising some old farts so jump in!



  • #3965

    see you friday on redheim, old farts, to take your lifes and drink your meth after “working you off” ^^))))))))))))

  • #3968

    @moone! Hope to see you on the discord channels too! Sadly I’ll miss this week’s hack fest. I’ll be in NYC. Have fun anf take some heads for me!

  • #4037

    i will

    and im amazed, i was flying over the forum, harald “the bleeder” and socketboy and all others

    unbelievable ^^)

  • #4040

    I was -=BH=-DominusGladium back in the day.  Good to see so many familiar names again.  JuNN, Zaphirs, =iNi=, LXG.  I’m looking forward to some great fights again.  -=BH=-YesThor, good to hear from you again.

  • #4486

    Cool to see even more old, familiar faces popping up.

  • #4490

    Forgot these boards exist. Hi all!

  • #4494

    Hello Howl 🙂 welcome

  • #4509


  • #4510


    • #10138

      ddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddeeeeeeeeee where you guys been man how is the band?!!!!
      wow i was even going to ask where are the leviathan warriors at!?

  • #4661

    From Bleeding Idiots with Swords.  Went by the name Urza01 or Eva01, played with my brother.  Now BloodEagle or BroodEagle

  • #4680


    I played Rune with good friends |AoD|TheCrow, SilkySmooth and BuRnOuT back in the day as |AoD|Khan.

    Nice to see my old friends still around and still waiting for that day in which we would be reunited. The micro, hit boxes, and gameplay mechanics involved with the Unreal engine in Rune multiplayer were truly incredibly executed and innovative, and we must credit ourselves for being at the dawn of non-FPS online clan-based gaming.  See you soon  friends, in this life or the next

  • #4780

    My name was Punk back in the day I used to make a lot of maps and worked on a handful of mods with others. Been a long time I am hoping we will be able to make our own maps for this game as well! Changed my name to Zelek lol always hated Punk!. I kind of just got stuck with Punk messing around in game with it to much.

    • #5085

      Hey Punk, it’s Poofmonkey from back in the day.  I’ve missed playing with you and testing your maps years ago lol.

    • #11452

      sup man! It’s been a super long time about to pre-order this game. Add me on steam if you got it. name is Zelek on there.

  • #4979

    I’ve played the original Rune video game but had issues using a gamepad on the game.

  • #5051

    you me sorry, but in such look I am not going to predzakazyvat it, very bad optimization my laptop – i7 4700hq/16gb ddr 3 (1600mhz)/GTX860m (2gb ddr5)
    30 fps on minimal graphics (full hd) ,optimization  in this aplha version very very bad! i dont preorder this now!

  • #5083

    I was around 11+ years old when I played Rune, I’m 29 now, I went by the name Poofmonkey back then haha.  My little kid self just got frustrated at not being able to think of a name and that was the first thing that came out so I rolled with it.

    I was with Lamer Tamers , as well as Kings of Destruction [KoD] later on.  Used to map for Tweaked Runes racing along with Punk, played hella-alot with Skrewball and his wife on their server testing out all the new player models they were bringing into the game.

    Glad to see some familiar names even now.  Looking forward to playing with all of you.

    • #11453

      haha 11 huh? man! I am 33 now lol. I plan on bringing KoD back when this game releases. Keep it OG baby!

  • #5107

    Hail JuNN

    • #10304




      I’m streaming this business if they add multiplayer or somehow Single Player is fun enough to stream.

      You guys have no idea how much you had an impact on me btw really happy to see these names posting here!!! <3

  • #5146

    Hey there, I went by Oriain way back when. Playing Rune and being part of this community got me started in game dev, which I’m still poking at 17 years later. Pretty amazing to see so many familiar names on here. Cheers, all!

    • #9705

      Oriain! Your maps are/were awesome.

      I still remember an epic freeze-frame in a deathmatch round that finished with us millimetres from killing each other 😀

      Crazy what sticks in the mind after all this time.

  • #5167

    Hail JuNN ! –

  • #5169

    I’m an original rune player. I don’t remember any of my old information.

  • #5172


    16 days…

  • #9710

    Man all the JuNN floating around still!!! WHERE is all my LamerTamer Peeps?

    • #9779

      Hey Godfrey, I remember you!  It’s Poof Monkey from back in the LT days, hope we get the chance to play again.

  • #9737

    Lamer Tamers! Good ol’ clan, I remember your guy’s server was one of the first I favorited in Rune. Loki0063 is on the Rune Discord channel, and other than that, I’m not sure there’s that many around. I think [paranoid.cutta] was one, but I can’t remember it was so long ago.

  • #9762

    Not certain how to change my profile name, but this is Tsesmatas -=JuNN=-.  Good to see familiar names!

    • #9766

      Hey there! You can click your name at the top of the forums and go to Edit to change your forum name. Thanks for joining the forums 😀

  • #9839

    Awesome, got it.

  • #9911

    Oh wow, I can’t believe I stumbled on this forum. It’s been a long time since I’ve graced the halls of Valhalla.

    This is BuRnOuT-=Junn=- . I have crossed my broadsword with many a fine warrior on this forum.

  • #9920

    Indeed you have! Great to see you here BuRnOuT-=Junn=-! – I can’t believe so many JuNN are coming out of nowhere. Tsesmatas-=JuNN=- aka Renrir – I about lost it when I saw Meanbone post. I’m hoping AgmonMithril,  Roric, and Longhorn return. Have not heard from KopyKat or KainDragoon in a long time.

  • #10090

    Hey guys!

    I just had to jump in here and say, damn… so many great and old names and clannames in here.
    This thread made me so freaking happy, you have no idea.

    I can still remember my time in 1.0, playing Ruins and teaching new players how to dance with the DWS or jumping into a FFA server and learn new tricks from other people.
    As someone already said, the community in this game has been my best experience online ever.
    Sure, I was a kid back then and I regret a lot of my choices I made and to this day I still feel bad about them. No other online game have had that effect on me. You truely respected the people you met and the members of great clans.

    I’m an really really old clan SIR member, hence my name.
    I’m also an old Scorpion member before they died out. Shout out to Telcontar! Love you buddy.
    I’m also an old VnB member, sad to say I never truely understood what that meant before I left them.
    Psycho, Dancer, Warbeast, Sexymerlin, Bloodmoonik, Rahvin, Shexpeare, Mundas…

    I still have some contact with Niekatchu from VnB times, love the guy! We’ve had some crazy times together IRL. He even came to visit me in Sweden from The Netherlands.
    Was in contact with Nevins from .exe a while back too.
    This thread brings back so many memories, its crazy.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Thank you all for the flashbacks!

  • #10141

    i am not understanding why i am not seeing my post here, was it to long? copy and pasted it to a notepad incase i can figure this out.

  • #10144

    also i filmed this in 2013 i think.
    used the name troll. some one sniped lostgod from me.
    if you cant play 1.01 right now but feel watching a death match arena game might help, enjoy.

    • #10147

      Long time G 🙂

      I installed HoV recently , you should too.

      Hows all?

    • #10152

      the struggle is real,
      ive got classic on steam though i dont have hov.
      i want to get 1.01 running but i suppose hov can scratch the itch a little.

  • #10151

    Rune Movie Chapter 2 Part 4

    Morgasm convinces MarkSlicor to join his army , by song

    • #10153

      holly crap i forgot about markscissor….thats my nick name for him. no hate. lol. that DWS though

  • #10155

    {lostgod}[Gwarrior] here. greetings to those i have not met, and hello to those i miss. you all will remember me.
    i got rune in december 2000. i am 30 now, so i was…12?
    i was unable to understand how to join online games at the time, so after playing single player it went on the shelf untill 2006.
    when i watched my brother play counterstrike, knifing people. i asked “why is there not a game like this with swords?”
    then i remembered and reinstaled rune.
    i jumped in and got my ass kicked by any one still playing the game. i loved it!
    i played against a great number of clans.
    dirty, wolf, shs, ‘Pro!'(smoke and shinobi), iiwii, opc, LeviathanWarriors, morgasm himself!
    oh odin the clan names slip from memory as i type this.
    i am sure most of these were newer clans but it didnt matter they all knew so much and i wanted to learn.
    i miss you all.

    • #11885

      The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

  • #10158


    /AhK\Lord_nomE here from Spain 🙂 First things first, im soooo glad this is happening! Its been literally a dream come true. Cheers to you HH guys and thank you for this!

    I was introduced to Rune by my great friend Chawe’s_Power, and we were immediately hooked. We created AHK as a joke to play between our group of local friends, but in the end we started recruiting people and playing clanwars :P. I just cannot remember the year exactly, but HoV came out shortly after.  Then meeting lots of great people and having huge great times: used to play lots with Jakut, Maximus, Seq1, Skallagrimur, Beer, DevilSkin, DomAfonsoHenriques, BestialWarlust, Evil Angel, and many, many more. Always meeting clans like Zaphirs, Aesirs, DPX, CDF, Barbarian Might, HHFO, LOR, JUNN, SOL, many more i cant remember… i dunno… everyone! So many stories…. I remember legendary games of cap the torch when there was that dedicated server, many times with Aequilibrium wreaking havoc on the other side 🙂 I remember being skull bashed by Zaphirs in TDM hahah, or an epic Arena clanwar against BM, or the HailSuomiPerkele server 😀 And of course BlackOak’s epic Rune World Cup. Man i STILL got that tshirt! And you are still here too, cheers!

    Rune was also the first game i modded for, and i learned how to use the UnrealEngine, thanks to tutorials actually made by some of you guys here! I actually made a couple maps and delved a little with unrealscript, which at the time was great for me because i ended up becoming a backend developer. Just not in gaming, sadly 😛

    Its humbling after all these years coming here and seeing all these familiar names, i feel like coming back to a familiar place 🙂 And i hope the best for this game, really. Rune was one of the pillars of my gaming life and i remember it so fondly, that this makes me extremely happy. It was also my best bud Chawe’s favorite game, and he is sadly no longer with us in this world, so theres that too. For you, buddy, wherever you are!

    Aw hell, i got a little carried away, but anyway: very much willing to se you all again in the world of Rune Ragnarok and crush some heads and eat some lizards 😀


  • #10178

    Hi guys! I’m another spaniard here. 😀 Really hyped for the game!!

  • #10276

    ITChY (AVM) here…

    Nice to see some old names!

  • #10288


  • #10310

    Where are all my [DMI] &’TAW’ brothers and sisters? Need to drink some mead and take some heads.

    • #11334

      HAIL! You have not been forgotten LK! [DMI] will unite again.. – [DMI]_LifeCast

    • #11461

      Looking forward to it my old friend glad to see you hope we can get the rest of the clan back together see you on nov 12th.

  • #10311

    Hey, LK. Glad to see that you are here.

    • #11335

      HAIL! You have not been forgotten Urlor! [DMI] will unite again.. – [DMI]_LifeCast

  • #10329

    Hi, -|HHFO|-Azathoth here 🙂

    Glad to see some old nicks.

  • #10334

    *RL*BobZilla checking in here….
    Wow so many familiar names in this thread after so many years…..Great to see you all!

  • #10335

    BOBZILLA! I am very happy to see you here my old friend.. Soon we will play Rune again!

    • #10336

      Thanks Term, great to see you too man. I wondered about you for a long time, seemed like you wandered off in the woods about 06 or so..

      I didn’t want to drop names for fear of leaving people out,, so many people and so many clans. I see LK and Urlor showed up Hail DMI,, Frog was here like a year ago,, sorry I missed ya buddy,, Hmm see that’s what I mean ya start dropping names and where does it end. I would like to see BoneBreaker pop in for sure,,,Hicks, EC,, Oh I saw Punk stopped in too,, much love brother,, Of course I miss the whole RL clan,,,ya too many to try and call out..

      I fired up my server about a year ago waited in there for 4 hours finally one guy stopped in for about 3 seconds to tell me the map sucked and could I load champions lol,, I was like ok well my crowd ain’t here anymore..

      I can still host if we ever want to have a party.. 1.07

    • #11454

      Sup Bob! add me on steam man my name is Zelek now not Punk lolol.

  • #10378

    Hello to everyone!

    -=BH=- ][AchiLLeS][ here from -=BH=- Arena clan.

  • #10381

    Hi here we are my friend.
    -=BH=- YesThor

  • #10457

    Not sure how I missed this reboot. Good to see some old schoolers on here. Is this thing still happening? Will there be low gravity Sarkball?

  • #10484

    Hey guys FoX JuNN here Hail JuNN!! nice to see a lot of old names here, dragonbreath kain, MB, Term, and all the other fellow JuNNs floating around. Hope all is well with you guys!

  • #10489

    SpAzDik of *CHAOS* in da house!!!

    Where my bitch, Pilgrim at? lol

    • #10490

      Ho Leee Shit.

      I wondered if you’d show up!

      Nice to see you found the place.

  • #10497

    Groan the only one remembered me? Lol

    Heck.. I have a necklace made out of ear tropheys I collected from most of yas.. hoohoo

    Might have to dig out my rune cd. 😉

  • #10499

    You can adjust your display name in your profile.

    This place has gotten real quiet. I also get a notification when there is a reply to the thread. I love you all that much.

  • #10915

    Wretched *CHAOS* checking in 😉

    • #10916

      Welcome! Your buddy SpAz was just here.

      Rock on!

  • #10917

    Dear Rune Community,

    I realize that many of you are really upset that the winter release was unfortunately not met. The thing is that the team did not want to start to make any new statements until they are able to hammer down the things that they have changed and have a working build for testing. Game development is a very complex process. Having worked for Blizzard Entertainment, I can tell you that they could care less how badly fans wanted a game to be released. Blizzard has always been very successful because they only release games when they are good and done.

    I’m taking the high road on this because Rune means more to me than any other game and I understand that for the new Rune to be successful, it has to be able to compete with triple A titles. A game only has a small window in which it can be released, and catch on. If HH releases a game that is less than stellar, it will fail, and none of us want that. HH’s new Rune is no Star Citizen with huge developer teams, all over the planet, and millions of dollars in their coffers. (250 million+) – I’m an early backer purely on the strength of Chris Roberts’ reputation and a great track record with Origin. Yet, here we are, more than 8 years later, and it has not been released. Not even Squadron 52 as promised by a thousand ‘updates’/ videos.

    Human Head Studios has realized, with our feedback, that Rune was not ready to be released. Rune needed serious changes to be delivered, in all its glory, as promised. The pre-orders have allowed them the latitude to make the tough decision to continue development, knowing this would cause great disappointment. This is nothing compared to the disappointment it would cause if it was released with myriad bugs, and less that magnificent gameplay. It’s a very tall order. Classic Rune, as I have stated countless times, in not my so humble opinion, the ultimate video game ever made. With the immense popularity of History Channel’s “Vikings” show, HH has almost built-in advertising. This show will end in 2019, with a spinoff already in development.

    I don’t care how long it takes to release Rune. All I care about is that they release a product worthy of the original. Perhaps, the silence represents a bit of embarrassment on HH’s part, perhaps, their own enthusiasm for the product caused them to begin marketing the product too early. The release timeline needed to be revised. I don’t want Human Head to worry about our impatience. I want them to worry about working hard to fix problems, add features that will make the game more fun, and increase replayability. Many of us, for over a decade, have dreamed of this moment. The new Rune will not be vaporware. Chris and company are too proud, of what it can and will be. The legendary Terminus is 100% behind RUNE.

    • #10933

      Of course. There’s absolutely no need to rush things, i’m 100% with you here. We all want a true spiritual successor to the glorious original game, so personally i almost don’t care how long the development will take as long as there is a promise of a true sequel. I say let HH take as much time as needed, i’d rather wait years and get a game that i will play forever like i played Rune since 2001 than have a bugged, raw, undeveloped soullsess piece of code that will be forgotten in a month.

  • #10920

    Haha, yes I see that. Lots of familiar names from the old days. Nice to see 🙂

  • #10932

    Hey guys, maybe a bit off topic, I’m looking for an old rune gold version for my son, he is on a windows pc. I’m playing RUNE on a linux pc (LOKI-games version) we want to play coop together. Maybe anyone knows where to buy one. We wanted RUNE gold, because the bad news we hear about RUNE classic, not bein complete and all that.

    • #10934

      Hey. As i know, Rune Gold and Rune Classic are pretty much the same thing. And what do you mean by playing it in co-op together? Rune never had a co-op story mode, only multiplayer. You can purchase Rune Classic in Steam, it’s available there. But it only has a singleplayer mod and then you can play deathmatch with other people, but there is no co-op. The original game was so awesome because it was meant to be played solo. The story, the locations, the details, the amount of enemies – everything was perfect only because it was done for a single player experience, everything there was made for YOU and you only. That’s quality.

  • #11020

    You bet your sweet ass there is….

    idiot_with_a_sword_[BIWS] here…. RAH!!!

  • #11040

    Testing …

  • #11041

    Hey all … sjeez been ages .. saw rune 2 upcoming .. had to look if any old players still active !
    Curious about the New rune … miss the old days!


  • #11042

    It’s been a while! Is it the same Warbeast from the good old 1.0 times? I miss you buddy, you probably don’t remember me but I remember you. This thread has too many HOV folks! 1.0 rise again!

    // VnB SirPoppe

  • #11046

    Very cool to see so many people reconnecting in this thread! We hope that as we get closer to RUNE II’s launch, this thread will continue to expand and connect people.

    Keep em coming! 😀

  • #11047

    Unfortunately rune 2 has shown NOTHING comparable to the classic game we fell in love with.

    • #11054

      What would you like to see more of, Fox?

  • #11055

    DM TDM AR, weaving work swords, spinning battle axes, less choppy game play, the ability to dodge, Ragnar. And absolutely nothing to do with a quest.

    The players that were loyal and stuck around from 1999-present weren’t in servers playing Co Op. Rune was better than any other game because it was fast paced and you had an ability to develop your own fighting style.

    Clan wars had strategy, if your fighting one clan you’ll have to fight the other clan a different way. All I have see is a game with the name Rune but all I’m hearing about is questing. Sorry it’s nothing like classic or HOV

    • #11056

      Exactly my point Fox, from the very beginning of this new Rune:ragnarok-aka.Rune-Aka.Rune2!!
      People who played the original game from 2000, know what we are talking about.. and why we kept playing for all these years..

      Actually i’ve seen that very same opinion in here from alot of other people, and i’ve never heard a reply from HH’s behalf, on why didn’t they stick to the original combat/movement system..
      Wasn’t doable? or what?

    • #11058

      We will get some generic response / apology yet nothing will be done to change.

  • #11057


  • #11059

    DM is going to be included at launch, with Arena and other stuff potentially coming post launch. IMO Rune II is looking pretty good and like a lot of fun.
    Will it capture the same magic that the original did? Time will tell.

    Devs have made huge strides since the first combat tests and have done a lot of work on the combat systems based on feedback, which pretty much all was related to making it feel more like Rune classic (faster, movement pattern, etc)

    I think the campaign and open world co-op is a great idea and natural progression to modernize Rune.
    As much as many of the old fans just want Rune classic multiplayer re-done with new graphics, I’m pretty happy with the balance of new elements while making large efforts to stay true to the important elements of the classic game.

    I think we need to wait for the next beta or even release and post-release roadmap before we can really say how the combat feels, and how it compares to Rune classic.

  • #11060

    Nothing from what has been shown is telling me I can have my own personal style using a weapon.

    Just because there are Vikings with swords doesn’t make it Rune.

  • #11061

    Krusade here from back in the day.

  • #11062

    Welcome back Krusade. Wise words from Socketboy. Fox, I completely understand your concerns, I share them as well, but I can tell you that there are many true old school Runers involved in the development of Rune 2. Don’t let the survival/crafting RPG elements throw you off.

    We will be able to have our own servers and customize the game in ways that were never possible back in the old days. I know for a fact that we will still be able to develop our own fighting styles and have control of our characters. There will be TDM and clans will return or form as they did in Rune classic. We will have competitions. Time really will tell if they can capture the same magic of the original. I am quite certain that we will have new friends, reunite with long lost ones. New rivalries will be created, and old ones rekindled.

    What made Rune greater than the sum of its parts was US. The Rune community is by far the greatest group of gamers I ever encountered. The JuNN horde is already well represented, and don’t worry Fox, we will all be on the same boat and have to figure out what works for us all over again. It will never feel exactly the same, but with some luck, it may feel better. When I tested Rune 2, I felt plenty of freedom of movement and spent most of the time, by myself, testing the various weapons. (not bows, yet) No, there is no blade weaving, as there is no WS, and we won’t be running around spamming the B.Axe. Much to my chagrin, I will no longer be able to execute my ‘Taz’ (Tasmanian Corkskrew of Death) which I used, mercilessly, to dispatch my opponents for years. That being said, I am 100% certain that new techniques will be developed, and we will have signature combat styles. Hoping that everyone can stay positive, and stop lambasting HH for changing launch to EPIC instead of everyone’s beloved STEAM. I use EPIC, and it works beautifully. With a bit of time, we may see Rune 2 on STEAM, so go ahead and wait until then if you want. I’ll be waiting for all waited on STEAM. ‘;..;’

  • #11072

    Hows Mrs. SkrewBall?

  • #11245

    Ahhh, Good ‘ol idiot_with_a_sword. Co-Founder of [BIWS] if I recall correctly. I have seen Skrewball in the forums, but uncertain on the whereabouts of Mrs. Skrewball. The Taz move I mentioned on my previous post was indeed named after her. I hope that [BIWS] will be around in Rune 2. Skrewball was one of the most inventive mod creators in Rune and I spent 100s of hours enjoying his creations. That being said, the internet is a very different thing nearly 20 years later and most Runers that remain active are on Discord. Hoping to see you in the open beta idiot!

  • #11311

    Cant wait Terminus

  • #11332

    Hey Term. Long time man. I have to echo what Fox is saying to an extent.. I’ve watched every trailer and stream and the combat looks awful compared to the original. I’m on the fence about getting it (once I can afford a PC to even play it lol). In general, I feel like HH made what they wanted, and didn’t listen to what the cult of fanatics have been screaming for 20 years that we wanted. It’s a totally different game, not even the same genre.

    That being said, I would like to point out that original multiplayer trailers and gameplay footage for the original Rune were also terrible. The game was never played by anyone the way the devs presented it in trailers and clips. Those people that did, quickly learned different or moved on. I’m going to reserve judgement until either I play it, or I see a competent original Rune player spend some time in it.

  • #11337

    Just gonna post the awesome video made by -=ROV=-Griffon here, seeing that this is the most active thread.
    This was from the last deathmatch beta, but things have already been improved since then, so it’s not entirely representative of what the game is now. Still looks better than gameplay in official trailers.

  • #11338


  • #11339

    LXG/GO@TLORD here. So pumped!! That intro quiz didn’t cover how many heads I was looking to take, but I took it anyway. Looking forward to reuniting with goofballs from the old days.

  • #11342

    It’s good to see you posting Attila. Hroth has been testing, but I did not run into him. -=ROV=-Griffon’s video does showcase the game’s current state, and as mentioned by Go@tLord, they are working hard to implement as much feedback we recently provided to dev team. Rune 2 is a combat game, and survival / RPG elements will not detract from what most of us want to do; which is kill each other and have clan wars. The fluidity of movement is there, and the weapons are starting to take shape. Those who like to throw weapons will love Rune 2.

    I would have liked if HH could have a Rune Classic combat mode as an option, with all our favorite weapons, and if we push hard, we may one day get it. That being said, the new weapons offer interesting variables, and I’ve had plenty of exciting encounters with veteran Runers. BringerofPain is a tough customer, and I have encountered other old school players. It’s fast; you can block, but if you keep blocking, you will be knocked down and likely get killed. The runes themselves are amazing, and heaven to a JuNN. My beloved Arena will exist again, and I can definitely see TDM being fun and very chaotic. Don’t lose faith Runers!

  • #11345

    Calling out for: [LXG]_Antrim, [LXG]_Capt.Spaulding, [LXG]_NoRepent, [LXG]_SoulSaga, or any of the old crew… can’t believe they haven’t been secretly hoping…

  • #11346

    Oh and BTW~
    Hello Term… been a long, long, long time!

  • #11355

    Indeed it has been a very long time since we played Rune together GO@t! I’d say 2007 or so. I think I played with Sacrificial_Lamb back in 2009. Since then, I only appeared in Rune sporadically and each time seeing less familiar names in the servers until nearly none at all. Amazingly, the development of Rune 2 has brought out a good amount of Rune stars and the game is now being heavily tweaked / balanced in preparation for release. It’s nearly 19 years since 1.0 and HoV came in April 2001, if memory serves. I tested Rune 2 last on July 20 and was very pleased with the progress the game has made since last year. The single player / CO-OP is brutally hard and will require intelligence and patience to master. How DM/TDM pan out is yet to be seen, and I think much of that depends on us, and what we make of it, as in the old days. I pray that they do eventually release something akin to HoV, because many of us need our Arena version of the game.

    My greatest hope is that Rune 2 is a financial success for Human Head Studios because the community is going to need many thousands of players to replicate Classic Rune’s success and longevity. I never thought we would ever get another chance. I truly hope we make the best of it. I still have a copy of Panacea’s AR-Vampire which was brilliant. There is talk among the devs of recreating some of our favorite maps. The latest builds of Rune 2 look amazing!

  • #11401


    Nice man … been a while !!

    Indeed VnB!!
    Forgot alot about rune .. but been a great time we had … Hope we can someday do Some rune again with everyone !!

  • #11402

    Lovely video, McBeard. I really hope you can change the UI and FOV to your liking. Also… RUNEPOWERS SUCK ARSE! 😉

  • #11463

    {SiN}DariAir Any other SiNers out there?? {SiN}24-7????

  • #11464

    Anyone … still active on rune ? Still miss the old times ..

  • #11474

    XenTocK here from THC / IoD

  • #11476

    Played 1.01 and HOV. Have still been known to load up unpatched 1.01 as recently as last year so me and some old friends could do the Sark Ragnar hack. Those were good times.

  • #11618

    Yup. Played them all back in the day, under the same name too, though I think I was wearing the [SMS] tag back then when that best of all gaming clans was still around.

  • #11879

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

    The epic tale is finally told its entirety, with seven full chapters.

    Link to Movie:

    Use VLC media player to play .AVI file:

    The Leviathan Warriors is a movie/musical made using the human head studios classic computer game RUNE. The characters in this movie are based on real people from around the world who play the game rune’s online multiplayer.

    The first three chapter were created in 2009. After a 10 year hiatus, the final four chapter have been completed. Enjoy the tale of the might and heroism of the LEVIATHAN WARRIORS!

  • #11881

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

    The epic tale is finally told its entirety, with seven full chapters.

    Link to Movie:

    Use VLC media player to play .AVI file:

    The Leviathan Warriors is a movie/musical made using the human head studios classic computer game RUNE. The characters in this movie are based on real people from around the world who play the game rune’s online multiplayer.

    The first three chapter were created in 2009. After a 10 year hiatus, the final four chapter have been completed. Enjoy the tale of the might and heroism of the LEVIATHAN WARRIORS!

  • #11882

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

    The epic tale is finally told its entirety, with seven full chapters.

    Link to Movie:

    Use VLC media player to play .AVI file:

    The Leviathan Warriors is a movie/musical made using the human head studios classic computer game RUNE. The characters in this movie are based on real people from around the world who play the game rune’s online multiplayer.

    The first three chapter were created in 2009. After a 10 year hiatus, the final four chapter have been completed. Enjoy the tale of the might and heroism of the LEVIATHAN WARRIORS!

  • #11883

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

  • #11884

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

  • #11886

    The Rune movie is finished!

  • #11887

    The Leviathan Warriors Have Finally Returned! See the epic conlusion to the Rune Movie here:

    The epic tale is finally told its entirety, with seven full chapters.

    Link to movie:

    Use VLC media player to play .AVI file:

    The Leviathan Warriors is a movie/musical made using the human head studios classic computer game RUNE. The characters in this movie are based on real people from around the world who play the game rune’s online multiplayer.

    The first three chapter were created in 2009. After a 10 year hiatus, the final four chapter have been completed. Enjoy the tale of the might and heroism of the LEVIATHAN WARRIORS!

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