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    Build version: 1.1.14731

    1) I have noticed that sometimes animals spawn in really weird places (like stone non-accessible columns).
    2) Food (meat) and wood (sticks) showing with red bar as broken (not sure how to repair it)
    3) Couple of infinite nodes (iron, stone)
    4) Also in couple of longhouses, after building of them is finished, there are trees inside.
    5) Additionally not sure if this is intended, but sometimes when you cut tree it disappears and/or drops branches under the map (cut them but there is nothing to pickup)
    6) Statue in the village is it supposed to be hit able by player ? (I nearly destroyed it by mistake, when I was fighting too close)
    7) Just found that date on save file is not updating (it still shows ‘Last Played: 05.06’, even that game was saving today couple of times)

    I would like to attach screenshots but have no idea how (can’t see any options to attach, while posting)

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    Thank you for your report. Do you have any locations for 4) Trees inside of built longhouse plots?

    I will pass on the rest of the feedback to the team.

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    Hi Mitch,

    It is more like a huge bush inside longhouse. One example is in the longhouse near Midheim Fjord Gate.

    Also I have noticed that enemies behave strange when you drag them into water. Humans disappear, and Wild Giant was following me for a while.


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