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    Pre-order customers should have received this email earlier today. If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to add “” to your filters.

    Greetings, Warriors!

    We understand that pre-order supporters were promised a Steam key for their pre-order purchase. To that end, we are offering every person that has pre-ordered RUNE II before 05/22/19 an additional Steam key containing all pre-order incentives, to be delivered when we launch on Steam in Summer 2020.

    In summary, all RUNE II pre-order purchasers will receive:
    • An Epic Games store key (1) with all of their pre-order incentives. (Summer 2019)
    • BONUS! An Epic Games store key (1) with the standard edition of RUNE II (Summer 2019)
    • NEW BONUS! A Steam key (1) with all of pre-order incentives (Estimated: Summer 2020)

    As Chris Rhinehart said in our Q&A video yesterday, we still firmly believe that Epic Games is the correct partner for us to align with. That said, we want to do right for the community that has supported Human Head Studios in the past 20 years. If you would still like a refund, you can submit that request up until 6/5/19 at:

    Through your comments, tweets, Discord messages, and more, we’ve heard you loud and clear. We will constantly strive to improve the way that we communicate about these types of matters in the future.

    Thank You,
    The RUNE II Development Team

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    Took that refund so fast once i heard epic store and a year wait on steam

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    why a refund? its a pre buy game?

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    I cannot preorder on the website ? why is that ?

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      Pre-orders have been closed for a bit. We will have more information about a second wave of pre-orders as we are closer to RUNE II’s launch in August 2019.

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    Is this game going to be available on console platforms at some point? if so would it be possible instead of a 2nd standard pc copy of rune2 a digital download code for xbox, playstation or the switch maybe could be considered?

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    Just to confirm, does this mean I have missed out of the God Slayer Edition/Pack? I had absolutely no idea about preorders until now and only found out about this sequel this month (just about exploded in excitement) and I would be quite disappointed if I missed out. Heck, I even started playing the original Rune Classic. Such a fantastic game!

    Anyway, if you have the time to respond that would be appreciated. Thanks and best of luck with this project and others!

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      You have not missed out. We will be opening up a second wave of pre-orders as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned!

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      YESSSSSSS! That is fantastic news! I most certainly will be doing just that!

      Been playing Rune Classic in anticipation for Rune II. 😉 I remember playing the demo for Rune oh so many years ago and I have to say it is amazing!

      Best of luck with Rune II!

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    I saw news that Deathmatch beta has started and wanted to know when winter pre-ordered keys will arrive?

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      Check the email you used to pre-order for your Deathmatch Beta key.

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    Hi! Can I do a refund without transaction number? With credit card number or something.

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      Refunds have been closed since 6/5/19.

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    So When Can We expect our preorder game keys besides talking about the deathmatch beta you haven’t said anything in a email update besides Summer 2019.

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      Full game keys will be sent on or before launch day of November 12, 2019.

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