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    Hi everyone! My name is Heimdall, but I typically go by Mitch. I’m the newest addition to the RUNE Community team. In Norse mythology, Heimdall was the watch man of the gods, guarding the rainbow bridge that led to Asgard. Ever-present, he watched and listened for the first sign of danger, ready to blow his Gjallarhorn as Ragnarok approaches.

    After seeing what the amazing team at Human Head was working on during the closed betas, I couldn’t wait to join the epic adventure. As a Social Media and Community Manager, Heimdall’s responsibilities are a pretty good analogy for what I’ll be doing. Feel free to poke me about anything and everything related to RUNE, Human Head, this Discord server, or whatever else you want to talk about. Heck, ping me to say hi and tell me about how your day is going!

    I’ve been a gamer for over 20 years. Some of my favorite games throughout the years are Super Mario RPG (1996) and Mega Man 2 (1998) on a refurbished SNES. NHL 99 (1998) on N64, Rune Classic (2000), RuneScape (now OSRS) in 2001, City of Villains (2005), Halo 2 and 3 (2004 and 2007), Mass Effect (2007, 2010, 2012), Destiny 1 and 2 (2014 and 2017), Apex Legends (2019) and way, way more than I can count.

    In my free time, you can find me at the gym trying to look like our boi Loki (Have you *seen* his 6 pack?), playing games, and drinking a lot of coffee. Obligatory “you should buy an aeropress” comment goes here. 😉

    I can’t wait to meet and talk with all of you more in the coming days!

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    Hello! Welcome to the community! Hope this game lives up to the promises made!
    I was wondering will Co-op be offline too just like promised, since steam only states online co-op and online multiplayer. Offline Co-op is what you promised. What is going on?

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    You will need to be online and have the store’s client running in the background to use online features such as online co-op.

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