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    Where can you find thouse. I have this recive for legendary sword and this is only things i am missing. Plox help.

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    You get Allmetal from the chest that Loki drops when he loses his shield. Fire giants are indeed very rare. I think you have to hope for random encounters.

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    Allmetal:Killing Loki

    Fire giants: Aesir’s Watch and southern part of Niuheimhorg also sometimes in Thrallheim but mostly southmost western corner.

    Happy hunting, I normally circle the island in between Aesir and Niuheimhorg with max view distance on. Normally get three for combing whole island on foot.

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    Allmetal can be found by killing roaming elite enemies with yellow health bars throughout the world.

    Fire Giant Blood can be found by killing Fire Giants and Surtblod warriors.

    Good luck!

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