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    I still haven’t finished the campaign, but I have a few suggestions already:

    – There should be a special audio effect and some visual when a new bifrost gate is discovered. Nothing big, just a subtle effect (i know, there is an on-screen notification, but it gets often lost among other notifications and a discovery of a new bifrost gate is quite important)

    – More filters for recipes: please make a sub-filters for armor (helmet, chest armor, legs, …), weapons (swords, axes, hammers, …), consumables (food, runes, …) and so on.

    – I wish the hot bars have like 7 slots each (instead of 5)

    – Hardcore mode for single-player (and possibly also for coop PvE): No visible health bars or any UI elements on the enemies, slower regeneration of the god power, less frequent high tier loot drops. But maybe more time between the ages?

    – PvPvE – basically a coop server with friendly fire ON and with higher player count than 4. Would be totally cool to fight over artifacts against other players (if it is not possible already?). Maybe something like Hunt: Showdown.

    – Less important – possibility to see your character with all the equipped stuff. This came up from one of the streamers on twitch and it could be neat. Right now, you can’t see how the armor you have equipped actually looks on you. You see yourself just from the back. Maybe implement a free-look camera? So when you press a key during gameplay, you can freely rotate the view around your character.

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    Thanks for your thoughts, Husk, these are good ideas. Feel free to join the Discord server if you haven’t already, a recent announcement will help explain how were handling suggestions at the moment.

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    Thx, for the reply. Wish you luck in setting up the dev team and moving forward with the development. cheers.

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