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    Hey y’all. Chris sat down and answered 16 of the most important questions we’ve heard so far. Ch-ch-check it out here:

    As we previously mentioned, everyone who has pre-ordered RUNE II before May 22nd, 2019 will get everything that was promised to them, as well as a 2nd copy of the Standard Edition of RUNE II at launch. That said, we understand and respect if you feel strongly about our announcements earlier today. We are offering “no-questions-asked” refunds for anyone that has previously pre-ordered until June 5, 2019.

    Request a refund at

    We want to give a special and sincere thank you to everyone that has stuck with us at Human Head Studios for these 20+ years supporting us. Thank you very much for being with us, we’re very excited for everyone to see more of what we’re working out when RUNE II launches in August 2019.

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    You know, there was once a studio, a video games developer company, it was called Relic. Relic Entertainment to be precise. They were okay, they were very cool in fact, they were the ones from the old school, i used to play Warhammer for hours, days, months… I remember sending them a thankful letter, praising them for what they gave us, gamers, thanking them for all the great moments spent playing their games. In that letter i also showed a hope that someday we would get a continuation. They went silent for years, then last year they were back with their DoW III. They too aimed for the bigger audience. Just like Dead Space 3, just like Wreckfest (ex FlatOut). They all made the same mistake, they tried really hard to fix something that was not broken, that somebody never asked to fix. And now you are following their steps. Not listening to the community, wanting to conquer a mystic wider audience… Please, stop before it’s too late. Look at your YT videos, it’s all in there. I beg you.

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