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    VIDEO FEEDBACK (timestamps in the description):


    ISSUE(1): Using healing consumables might break the balance of combat, especially for PvP.
    SUGGESTION(1): Using a HEALTH RUNE should decrease your max. stamina or max. health or your overall physical damage temporally. Find out some mechanic so healing wouldn’t be 100% beneficial thing. “Overuse” of healing consumables should have some disadvantages.
    FOOD should heal you also, but not so effectively. For example food should heal you over time not instantly. (but you already mentioned that you have further plans with the hunger system, so I’m gonna wait for those to test them out first)

    ISSUE(2): Applying bandage on yourself ain’t has an animation (yet).
    SUGGESTION(2):Probably should give you instant health only partially and the rest over time. Using bandages should have an animation (1-2 second long). The character during this animation still could walk/run but definitely not sprint. Using more than one bandage successively could make the next bandaging faster or giving you more HP over time etc.

    ISSUE(3): BERSERKER RUNES can be considered too OP.
    SUGGESTION(3): Every use could decrease your max. physical damage temporally, and stamina regeneration a little bit slower after wearing off. OR decrease the effect of your GOD POWER for some time being. Needs some minimal/reasonable “punishment” for using it for sure.

    These are just ideas not necessarily things I couldn’t live without. The video is the most important thing from me, so check that out, note every issue showcased in it.

    Good luck!

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