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The Rune Recap Episode #012: Death & Dismemberment

05 / 16 / 18
The Rune Recap Episode #012: Death & Dismemberment

Weapons were flying and blood was spraying on Redheim during our Closed Alpha Combat Tests earlier this month. The team is hard at work fixing bugs and sifting through everyone’s suggestions. The next battle begins May 18 and we’re excited to add international server locations to the mix and extend the playtest through the entire weekend!

In addition to bug fixes and combat improvements, players will see new features including:
– Limb and head dismemberment
– A new map
– Text chat

If Odin hasn’t called your name yet, fear not! We’ll send keys early next week. Legally we can’t suggest making sacrifices to Odin…so we’ll just say good luck. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for your chance to win a key.

During this week’s episode of The Rune Recap, we travel to Redheim and experience some of the brutal combat that took place during the closed alpha playtests. Plus, we sit down with Chris for a beautiful story about the death and dismemberment that await you during Ragnarok. Grab the popcorn warriors, it’s storytime with Chris.

Keep the questions coming and we’ll get them answered on an upcoming episode of the show.


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