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The Rune Recap Episode #010: Closed Alpha Combat Test

04 / 12 / 18
The Rune Recap Episode #010: Closed Alpha Combat Test

Gather your axes, swords, and spears because we’re inviting you to play Rune…with us.

That’s right. We’re ready for you to play Rune. You have given us great feedback on the gameplay videos we’ve posted so far. In an effort to get even more feedback, we’re inviting select members of the community to join us in our Closed Alpha Combat Tests. Our 10th episode of The Rune Recap has the details, but here’s what you need to know to get started:

  1. We’re in ALPHA. This is the very first time fans are joining us to test the game.
  2. We’re starting the test on one island.
  3. First come. First served. We will be randomly selecting users to participate in our Closed Alpha Combat Tests, but we’re limiting the number of servers available. We’ll announce via email and on Facebook when the servers will be up, but they are first come, first served, so make sure you add the playtests to your calendar.
  4. You have to be on our email list. Yes, that’s correct. The only way you can be chosen to throw down in our first Viking PvP ceremony is to be selected from our email list. Why? Well, we need to communicate with you via email and we’re looking for loyal fans who want to help us test combat. If you’ve already won a key, you will be invited to join the combat test in addition to participating in our Open World Closed Beta later this summer.
  5. You’ll get alpha and beta access. If you’re selected to help us test combat, the key you receive will also work for our Open World Closed Beta Tests later this year. So, if you aren’t able to help test combat, or you are terrible with dates and didn’t make it in before servers were full, you’ll have access to the game in closed beta, too.
  6. The test starts in May. We’re only a few weeks away from letting an exclusive group of testers experience the turmoil of Ragnarok. We’re notifying winners via email at the end of April. (So go sign up.)

A few more public service announcements before we get to the video…
• We’ve officially posted our last contest. Thank you for participating!
• We’re no longer drawing key winners from Facebook. The only way to get a key in the future is to be randomly selected from our email list. (But we’d still really appreciate it if you like us on Facebook. We post fun GIFS.)

Can you believe there’s more info in the video? Check it out!

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