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RUNE II Monthly Update – September 2020

10 / 02 / 20
RUNE II Monthly Update – September 2020

Last month on RUNE II, we shipped a new Campaign.

Welcome back to the monthly update series. Although I’m getting a sense of Deja Vu from last month’s Monthly Update, we’ve done a TON more work on RUNE II over the last month. 

Let’s talk about that.


After months of development from all of us on the Studio 369 team, The Campaign Update is NOW AVAILABLE! The RUNE II Campaign Update brings the dungeons of Midgard, the new skill tree system, updated horde events, and additional mythical creatures. An all-new main narrative will replace the old RUNE II storyline, introducing new characters, quests, and an ending sequence fit for a legendary Viking saga. The brand new Campaign Update is a free update for all RUNE II players.

Check out the full Campaign Update page with patch notes, videos, GIFs, and more!


We just shipped a new PTR patch, patch 1.2.17420. Here’s a quick preview of what’s inside and will be coming to everyone on October 5, 2020:

    • Thank you community members Namaslay, Eisberg, Jus7Jon, Andreasus, Meatpopsicle, Kasca, The Everchosen, and others!
  • Added UPNP support so we can automagically add port forwarding options without players needing to open them manually.*
    • This will try to open router ports using UPNP when the user first indicates a desire to host a match by entering a hosted game name.
  • Fixed several crash related issues. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn and fall through the world. 
  • Mouse wheel now zooms the camera in and out
  • Added more gibs.

The RUNE II PTR is available to all RUNE II players for no additional cost. You can learn how to access the RUNE II PTR on this page. 

*Unless you have a router that doesn’t support UPNP. 


Our RUNE II Clips of Awesome Tournament is in full swing and we’ve partnered up with Medal.tv! Use Medal to grab a clip from RUNE II and post it with #RUNEIIClips to be entered to win a brand new Gaming Chair, Custom Streaming PC, and more! For the full details, check out this page. 


We’ve heard that you want more options to customize your RUNE II experience. In response, we’ve exposed a lot of dials at the engine level for you to play with. You can modify variables such as player attack speed, stamina costs, movement speed, AI attack speed, and more! 

Find the full list of what can be modified as well as step-by-step instructions on how to modify your dials on this page. 

We’ll be adding support for co-op tether distance to this in a future update. Be sure to let us know on our Discord what future dials and customizations you’d like to see added.


Earlier last week we were alerted of an issue that was preventing the Berserker Rage and God Slayer bonuses from showing up correctly in inventories. This is now resolved internally and will be fixed in the next live patch on October 5, 2020. 

Additionally, all God Slayer edition owners will get an in-game Ship of the God Slayer for free as a token of goodwill. No action is required to claim this item, it will be automatically added to your account when you login to RUNE II after our next live update on October 5, 2020. For the more technical minded that enjoy a peek behind the curtain, we put out an article about how this happened and what we’re doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


We turn now to our attention for the next few months. Here’s what we have on deck for the foreseeable future:

  • Stability, optimizations, and performance improvements.
  • PvP 
  • Co-op quality of life upgrades
  • Voice overs for all dialogue to put in with a brand new cast of voice actors
  • Full gamepad controller support
  • NAT punching to make co-op seamless
  • Steam support and integration
  • Bug fixes, polish, and tuning
  • and more!

We’ll be putting up a longer post next week with more details about what each of the above will entail. 

I normally start writing every monthly update in Google Docs with the question of “What did we do this month?” I look back at the announcements channel on our Discord, our social media, and our updates blog. Looking back on our September, we did a TON. New campaign, a clips tournament, engine dials, new God Slayer ship, a PTR patch, and more. It’s no wonder that this month has flown by and we’re not done yet. We’re just under two months away from our Steam launch. You can wishlist RUNE II on Steam and Ask Me Anything on our Steam Forums

See you next week for our Fall Roadmap and our October 5th patch. Spooky season Mitch, signing off.

Oh and one more thing… Who wants to guess what this will be for? 

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