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Rune Interview with Chris Rhinehart

10 / 04 / 17
Rune Interview with Chris Rhinehart

Rune Project Director Chris Rhinehart was recently interviewed by WCCFTech about his plans for the second chapter in the Rune story. Read a few of the questions below and don’t forget to head over to their website to read the full article.

It’s been a long time since the original Rune. Why resume the franchise now?
Rune [Classic] holds a very special place in our hearts here at Human Head. It was the first game we released back in 2000 and we’ve wanted to create a sequel for years. It’s amazing how many fan letters and emails we receive asking if we’ll ever create Rune 2!

Why now? The time was right where we had a team available to work on a new Rune. We found a partner willing to fund the project and give us the creative freedom to create something that is true to the original Rune but also modernizes the franchise.

Do you consider this to be a direct sequel or otherwise?
It’s not a direct sequel in that it doesn’t continue Ragnar’s story from the original Rune. This new game is set a long time after the original during the end of days, Ragnarok.  If you’re not familiar with the mythology, Ragnarok begins and a great war breaks out between humans, giants, and beasts. The Gods themselves fight and many of them die. At the end, the world is consumed by fire and reborn anew.

In Rune, the world has not been reborn anew. The battle has raged on for seven years. Most people have perished.  You’re one of the remaining humans, trying to survive and bring about an end to Ragnarok.

Will there be any characters, maps etc. from 2001’s Rune?
Maps aren’t directly copied, but we are looking at what aspects of maps we can use as inspiration and possibly bring forward. Characters: There will definitely be interactions with the Gods. Which ones, exactly, will be revealed soon.

Read the full story here! 

Note: Prior to February 28, 2018, Rune was titled Rune: Ragnarok

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