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Rune Developer Streams #1 & #2

09 / 07 / 18
Rune Developer Streams #1 & #2

This week, Chris visited Midgard for the second Rune developer stream. In the midst of his quest to end Ragnarok, he showed off a variety of the game’s armor, weapons, and rune powers, and answered some questions along the way. He also managed to witness a boar’s brutal death at the hands of Mother Nature:

His journey takes you on a tour around Midheim, the first island that you will conquer in your quest to defeat Loki. Although it is the first island, dangerous enemies lurk around every corner. Chris also gives insight into many different mechanics of the game, such as crafting, limb severing (and regeneration), and skill points, with tips and tricks riddled throughout. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Rune without a bit of mead drinking. Watch the first two developer streams below, and read Chris’s answers to the community’s questions.

How does limb severing work?
If you’re low on health you’re more likely to lose a limb. Players will die upon decapitation, which can happen if you’re low health and get attacked. You can regrow limbs by returning to a respawn shrine, using a Rune of Health, or getting back to full health. You can also craft a tourniquet to stop blood loss.

Can other players loot your corpse in PvE?
Yes, you can right now, but we are looking at changing this.

Can a chest drop kill you if you’re under it?
No, the drop will not kill you. It used to kill you and it was somewhat funny but more so frustrating.

Where does the game take place?
You’ll start in Midgard, one of the Nine Realms. We do have plans in the future to bring players to other realms such as Jotunheim.

How will durability work in the game?
If you use a weapon enough, it will break. The weapons you loot from enemies will have less durability because they have been using it, so crafting weapons is better in this regard. Right now, you cannot repair weapons but we will look into adding this.

Is the weather system dynamic?
Yes, and because it’s Ragnarok, the weather has become very unpredictable, so it can shift from clear day to snowstorm pretty quickly.

Is the story connected to the original?
It is not a direct continuation, but there are some callbacks. In the original, you were trying to stop Ragnarok from happening. In this game, you are in the middle of Ragnarok trying to end it.

Can you disable HP bars and damage numbers?
You can disable the HUD, which would include these features. We will look at giving players the ability to turn off these specific pieces of the HUD.

Will there be a variety of giants or female giants?
There will be different giants such as fire or frost, and giants will have a variety of weapons. We do not have immediate plans for female giants but we like the idea.

Are there enchanted weapons?
Yes, there weapons like fire swords, frost spears, poison axes, fire arrows, explosive throwables, and more.

Can you dodge?

Will there be deathmatch or arena mode?
We do not have plans for this immediately but we are interested in adding a deathmatch mode down the line.

Can I make my own longhouse?
Yes, you can. You won’t be able to construct them anywhere in the world, but there will be spots in certain areas that you can bring resources to and erect prefabricated structures.

What engine does the game use?
Rune uses Unreal Engine 4.

Will crouching be implemented?
We can’t promise an exact date but it is being looked into for some time down the line.

How long has the game been in development?
A bit under a year and a half.

Can you craft rafts and ships?
Yes, you can.

Is there a skill tree?
Yes, you can assign skill points to your health, stamina, attack, or defense. We are currently working on a weapon proficiency tree so if you prefer hammers or swords you can improve those individually.

Do you have plans for console ports or an iOS version?
We do not have plans for this immediately but it’s something we’re interested in doing after Early Access.

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