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Rune Closed Beta Program

10 / 02 / 18
Rune Closed Beta Program

Welcome, warrior. Are you ready to prove yourself?

We’re seeking the bravest and most fearsome warriors for our Beta Program. Battle side-by-side with your friends (or turn the tables and battle your friends), slay mythical beasts, and free Midgard from the deadly grasp of the maniacal Loki. 2018 playtest dates have been announced, our course has been set, and we want to see you on the battlefield.

The Oath:
– Sign up for an account on the Rune website (If you haven’t done so already)
– Participate in as many playtests as possible
– Sign an NDA and agree that you will not stream the game or publicly share information, screenshots, or videos
– Fill out a survey following the playtest
– Verify that you have a computer that meets minimum specifications
– Admit that you’re over the age of 18
– Willingly join the Closed Beta Discord channel (information will be sent with your key)

The Glory:
– Exclusive access to all beta tests until the game launches into Early Access this Winter
– Access to the Closed Beta Discord channel
– The opportunity to provide feedback on newly implemented features
– Advanced access to new features and gameplay content
– Membership into a community that’s shaping the game
– Entry to Asgard – the Closed Beta section of the Rune Forums

All warriors who sign up will receive a beta key via email. Keys are limited and the oath will close when all keys have been distributed. We cannot guarantee that keys will be available again for Closed Beta. Keys will be sent out the week prior to a playtest. Don’t let another warrior steal your loot.

Click here to take the oath and get your key

Note: All players that currently have beta keys will automatically be in the beta program. If you sign up and have already been issued a key, you will not be sent a new one. You are not allowed to sell or giveaway duplicate keys. For questions, please contact rune@humanhead.com.

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