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RUNE II PTR Update 1.1.16602 +1.1.16618 Patch Notes

09 / 04 / 20
RUNE II PTR Update 1.1.16602 +1.1.16618  Patch Notes

Hotfix 1.1.16618

  • Updated volume levels on skills
  • Fixed an issue where skills volume weren’t tied to audio sliders.
  • Fixed an issue where Whetstones turned into Drystones and would stop repairing gear.
    • Don’t water them after Midnight.
  • Adjusted Hard and Ragnarok difficulty levels.



  • Removed heimdall tower weapons
  • Removed chapter select functionality from main menu
  • Disabled cheats.
  • Removed debug chapter select dropdown.


  • Greatly increased optimization
  • Fixed an issue where save file size could exponentially increase, leading to save files being over 1GB.
  • Fixed an issue where god alignment could change field of view. 


  • Skills can now be interrupted.
  • Added new skill icons.
  • Updated skill visual effects.
  • Added new ally skills
  • Added new Odin spear throw skill
  • Convert bloodlust to a core ability, and change bloodlust related skills accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn unlimited Gullinboarstis.
  • Changed denounce the gods (heathen ultimate) to be a full heal and an HP buff
  • Fixed an issue where skills could affect dead enemies or dead allies
  • Deleted large spike in smite slam FX
  • Gave all players an inherent bloodlust bar that is always on, some skills now activate when bloodlust bar fills.
  • Berserk now grants bonus critical chance when bloodlust bar is active.
  • Fixed an issue causing Berserk skill vfx and sfx to play continuously after a level up.
  • Increased various skills to a max level of 9 and spread benefits out a bit more.
  • Updated values for stoneskin percent chance. 
  • Updated values for vampiric attack and endurance.


  • Added brand new dungeon to Chapter 2.
  • Skadi’s Cavern
    • Added some bubbling/rippling particle fx to a couple of water pools throughout the map.
    • Removed a couple of torches to not only bring back some contrast lighting but to also help signify areas of interest and direction of where to go.
    • Added points of interest objects to some of the earlier rooms in the form of statues.
    • Added wooden frames to main path entrances, with a torch to help give players a visual representation of the way forward.
    • Adjusted the ramps in the vertical jumping segment. Ramps are smoother to traverse.
    • Added additional meshing in a couple areas to provide cushioning for the player camera clipping outside the map.
    • Adjusted height fog distance to create a black atmosphere to minimize the jarring effect of camera clipping should it occur.
  • Raven’s Keep
    • Added additional enemies.
    • Added additional art.


  • Updated Chapter 1, 2, and 3 main + side quests.
  • Adjusted Ragnarok difficulty to make Dan Felts cry.
  • Added Skadi’s Cavern dungeon into Chapter 1 main quests
  • Updated initial player spawn point.
  • Added lone NPC to Thor’s village if you visit it early
  • Added Lone Worshipper side quest for Elder Sundar
  • Added Jerrik side quest 
  • More structures are auto built in Heimdall’s village
  • Added additional quest rewards
  • Created worshipping behavior
  • Reverted Haugrdal bifrost gate location
  • Updated Blacksmith Julnr quest and made it critical path
  • Added Bandit variant for the Julnr quest
  • Give Copper Boots recipe before Bolvar’s side quest
  • Added quests and rewards to the Vigrid Plain
  • Updated Boss drops
  • Updated enemies spawned through quests. 
  • Increased the number of enemies per horde event wave


  • Re-enabled cooperative play in Campaign
  • Enemies increase in power as players join and decrease in power as players leave.
  • Players now spawn next to the host.
  • Only the host can fast travel and change difficulty settings.
  • Added revive system.
  • Added player death particle.
  • Added death camera while waiting to be revived.
  • Added co-op tether.
  • Added shared experience for enemies and quests.
  • Fixed an issue where loading screens would temporarily show when new players joined your game session.
  • Updated joined / left messages to print in the chatbox whenever a player joins / leaves your game session.
  • Updated chatbox to print messages whenever the host changes the difficulty level.


  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn invisibly. 
  • Updated enemies within the Vigrid Plain to spawn at the player’s level.
  • Updated boss fight encounters.
  • Fixed an issue where players could stay in the VP after dying.


  • Removed the always-on “break on no durability” for armor.
  • Reintroduced random mods when crafting 
    • On a lower chance than before
    • Mods are capped to item rarity + 1 
    • Example: A crafted common sword can roll with uncommon mods, but not with rare or higher mods.
  • Updated mod spawn chance when crafting.
  • Updated items that previously salvaged into nothing to salvage into something. 
  • Updated Artifact accessory names and related buffs.
  • Arrows cost less to craft
  • Renamed Trap Spike >> Spike Trap
  • Removed bucket from Rune Forge
  • Salamanders now restore stamina
  • Updated max carrying limit for materials and some consumables, all consumables raised to 999 max
  • Whetstones now repair all items in inventory. 
  • Updated Defense values for armor.


  • Fixed an issue with the side quest details panel
  • Updated friendly elites to have green health bars
  • Fixed an issue where health bars would flicker.
  • Removed old god power indication on player HUD.
  • Renamed menu options to “Campaign” and “Join”. 
  • Added an option to “Host” a campaign game.
  • Updated map zoom distance. 
  • Added a TOGGLE HUD option in settings 
  • Increased distance of visible quest indicators on villagers to 30m
  • Updated villager icons. 
  • COOP Player, bifrost gate, and nearby available quests tracking are now shown on the compass
  • Hosted co-op campaigns can set their own name from within the campaign menu.


  • Increased enemy scaling in co-op.
  • Rebalanced enemy stats per level
  • Fixed a lot of AI combat animations and behavior.
  • Updated experience values for killing enemies.
  • Updated level bounds for quest enemies.
  • Buffed Werewolf.
  • Fixed issues where Bears could randomly drop aggro.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bear played an attack animation when hit with an arrow.
  • Updated Draugr hit reactions.
  • Updated AI defense values for use with new defense formula. 


  • Updated Defense Formula. Defense now subtracts directly from damage dealt.
    • Example: If you have 50 attack and an enemy has 40 defense, you will deal 10 damage to that enemy. 50dmg – 40dmg = 10dmg.
    • Higher level enemies just can’t be damaged when you are too low
  • Rebalanced player stats
  • Reduced damage gained from XP levels
  • Increased XP from bosses
  • Updated recipe awarded from lorestones and leveling up. 
  • Fixed an issue where god-related progression stats weren’t working.


  • Added additional landmass to the world.
    • See before and after GIFs here and here.
  • Added Age of Frost specific geometry.
    • Winter is coming.
  • Improved marketplace optimization.
  • Added additional item icons.
  • Added additional Viking Longships.
  • Added more placed ships around the world.
  • Added additional open world events throughout the world
  • Updated Barrier visual effects. 


  • Updated longhouse interiors. 
  • Greatly optimized marketplace performance. 
  • Removed floating foliage and rocks throughout the world. 
  • Updated villager levels.
  • Added an additional archer tower to Heimdall’s village. 


  • Re-enabled and adjusted dialog voiceovers.
  • Re-balanced god voiceovers.
  • Whispers that played the Age of Fire have been YEETED THE F**K OUT.
  • Added new ambient audio.
  • Removed god alignment dialogue
  • Added new sound effects to skills.

Known issues:

  • Hellooooooooooooooo awoken one!
  • Some quest items will be auto-dropped if your inventory is full.
    • Make sure to clear space and pick them up again.
  • Some NPCs might spawn before the terrain loads.
    • If they are out of reach from interacting then you must exit to main menu and reload your save to fix.
  • Sometimes players can spawn underground.
    • Exit to main menu and reload your save to fix.
  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is STRONGLY recommended.

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