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RUNE II PTR Update 1.1.16207 Patch Notes

08 / 21 / 20
RUNE II PTR Update 1.1.16207 Patch Notes


  • Second pass on the skill tree. 
    • Implemented new layout and various new skills. 
    • Each skill has 5 levels.
    • Passive skills must be in your skill hot bar to work.
  • Added animations for female characters for all skills.
  • Disabled God ultimates, previously granted when pledging.
    • These are now found at the end of your chosen God’s (or lack thereof) skill tree path.

NEW PASSIVE SKILLS (Always on while in skills hotbar):

  • Endurance: Reduction in stamina use
  • Berserk:  Each hit and kill fills your berserk meter. When full, your attack speed increases.
  • Odin’s Favor: When you go Berserk, increases your damage and crit chance, and that of all allies within 15m
  • Charged Weapon: Adds elemental damage to your attacks.
  • Death Dealer: Deals damage per second and reduces defense all enemies within 10m. 
  • Stoneskin: Each time an enemy strikes you with a melee weapon, they have a chance to be blocked by your nearly impervious skin, even when you are not blocking.
  • Strength of Conviction: Grants you passive resistance to all elemental damage.
  • Vampiric Attack: All attacks grant a lifesteal heal for the player.
  • Focused Rage: When you go Berserk, you also regain a percentage of your max HP.
  • Frenzy: When you go Berserk, you cannot be knocked down or staggered. 
  • A Quick End: When you go Berserk, You move twice as fast and your attacks cannot be blocked or dodged.
  • Chain Lightning: All weapon attacks have a chance to spawn chain lightning, dealing an extra percentage of your weapon damage and leaping to a nearby enemy within 10m. 

NEW ACTIVE SKILLS (Requires button press):

  • Invigorate: 5x health regen for a short duration
  • Sonic Blast: Taunt enemies in a 10m cone in front of you, staggering them and dealing damage. 
  • Radiant Soul: Heals yourself and all allies in a 10m radius 
  • Odin’s Blessing: Grants high defense to all allies within 5m for 10s. 
  • Smite: Leap forward, smashing the ground at your destination, dealing damage on impact and staggering all nearby enemies. 
  • Ball Lightning: Summon a ball of lightning, which flies through the air, passing through enemies and dealing heavy damage over time to everything near it.
  • Hel’s Call: Stuns nearby enemies, and then reduces their attack speed 
  • Ally: Calls one of Odin’s wolves to aid you in combat for a short time. At level 4, summons both of Odin’s wolves. 
  • Raven Call: A swarm of ravens swirls around you for 20s, damaging enemies and healing allies.
  • Hammer Throw: Throws an elemental hammer imbued with lightning. Impacted enemies will be stunned and take damage. 
  • Frost Shards: Ice spikes erupt from the earth, heavily damaging all enemies within 30m.
  • Denounce The Gods: Increases all 4 primary attributes (strength, dexterity, wisdom, constitution) for 30s. 


  • Reduced damage number sizes
  • Changed the font on dialogue boxes and made the font smaller.
  • Renamed QUIT GAME >> QUIT TO DESKTOP. Moved SAVE GAME option higher. 
  • Removed “Warning: You will drop artifacts” on fast travel UI screen
  • Fixed an issue causing the screen to flicker every time you get XP or Health orbs


  • Moved Skadi’s Cavern dungeon to Heimdall’s village.
  • Fixed an issue in Skadi’s Cavern where the kill volume didn’t kill.
    • Now it kills real good.


  • Updated Mackenna’s quest to prompt you to visit the marketplace
  • Added sidequest to visit Divine Summit before going to search for the first piece of the Gjallarhorn
  • Leap of Faith side quest now fails on death
  • Fixed an issue where Viveka could play incorrect dialogue lines in Chapter 3.


  • Updated world boundary in map edges. 
  • Added additional landmass to the world. 
  • Moved Thor village lorestone
  • Lowered water OWE locations to prevent random objects floating in the air.
  • Removed non-harvestable trees on Bandit King’s island
  • Added Forge and Armory to Ormblota Hof


  • Gave Bandit King Asvald runes to use
  • Bears now attack villagers, and villagers flee from bears
  • Renamed Conrack to Draugr King


  • Replaced guard towers with archer towers.
  • Villagers that you meet in later Chapters are now higher levels
  • Seers now wield a fancy staff.
    • Stick em with the pointy end.
  • Blacksmiths now wield an equally fancy hammer.
  • Updated Blacksmith Julnr’s character model. 


  • Fixed an issue where Loki would throw you out while fighting the VP boss. 
  • Added special attacks into Fire and Frost bosses.


  • Added difficulty options to RUNE II. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ragnarok. 
    • Difficulty options are found in the keybinds menu.
  • Fixed an issue preventing “Break the binding stone and kill Hrym” tutorial quest from being completed.
  • Fixed several issues where save data could be written incorrectly when loading different levels 
  • Removed God alignment gating


  • Renamed Worker’s Axe >> Work Axe
  • Lowered crafting requirements for Work Axe
  • Most artifacts now pop out of enemies/are in the world, rather than going straight to your inventory from enemy or chest.
  • Increased max Rune stack from 6 >> 99
  • Updated artifact accessories with new buffs. 
  • Adjusted god alignment loot drops
  • Balance pass on armor and shield durability
  • Updated rune crafting, now requires only 1 tainted or animal blood.


  • Single Player difficulty may default to Easy instead of Normal when creating new characters.
  • Dying inside of a dungeon may cause incorrect weather effects to play.
  • Protect the Statue quest may fail to be acquired if Viveka grants the quest outside of the Village.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is STRONGLY recommended.

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