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RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.721 Patch Notes

04 / 04 / 20
RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.721  Patch Notes

RUNE II 1.0.721 PTR Notes

Villages and Villagers

  • Villagers have done a bit of gardening and their land now has some rocks and foliage removed.
  • Added a Beer tent to the village.
  • Added a keg to the beer tent.
  • Villagers will now grant you tributes once every minute when you interact with them. 
  • Villagers now wave at you.



  • Changed tap-to-dodge from shift to spacebar while holding A/S/D or W+A/S/D
    • Holding W + space still jumps forward.
  • Changed incoming light hitreacts so they don’t take control of your character. You can still move, dodge, block, and attack- it only cancels attacks that were in the backswing animation.
  • Blocking with shields will not consume any stamina. 
  • Blocking with weapons consumes stamina. 
  • Blocking with weapons can be indefinite. 
  • You can block while light hitreacting.
  • Known issue: Tapping spacebar while standing still causes your character to dodge backwards. This will change to jumping up vertically while standing still.




  • Slowed down enemy attack speed at lower levels.
  • Adjusted deer health to be 50, always.
  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from spawning correctly in the open world.
  • Decreased every unnamed enemy’s base health by 50%.
  • Decreased all enemy block percentage by 75%.


Inventory and Loot

  • You will no longer get recipes when salvaging.
  • All common recipes are available to view at level 1.
  • All copper weapons are now unlocked and available to craft at level 1. 
  • Updated the icons for copper weapons.
  • Viking ships are unlocked to craft immediately, instead of at level 10.
  • Updated all boss and Loki loot drops to feel more rewarding.
  • Berserk Runes are now Rare (was uncommon).
  • Meteor Runes are now Epic (was rare).


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