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RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.656 Patch Notes

03 / 30 / 20
RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.656 Patch Notes

RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.656 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from aligning to a god in Single Player.
  • Tapping the sprint key (shift by default) will now dodge in the direction you are currently moving.
  • Weapons and shield lose durability only when blocking, instead of when attacking and blocking.
  • Armor loses durability only when hit in that piece.
  • Updated block input to be responsive even when stamina is exhausted.
  • Updated copper weapons to be usable at Level 3.
  • Added additional recipes into player’s starting recipe pool.

The RUNE II Public Test Realm is available to all RUNE II players. Find instructions on how to download the PTR on this page.

The best place to give us feedback is on our official forums in the PTR Discussion Section or on our official Discord. Please note that the changes we have made are in prototype – there may be bugs and there may be balance issues, or unpolished rough edges. Please make an effort as you’re testing these to distinguish between needed fixes or tweaks, and core concepts that just aren’t working.

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