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PTR Update 1.2.17972 Patch Notes

10 / 23 / 20
PTR Update 1.2.17972 Patch Notes


  • Significantly increased level streaming optimization and performance


  • Added new radial menu to replace the items hotbar
    • Press MIDDLE MOUSE by default to bring up your new menu
      • Rebind this key under keyboard settings “OpenRadialHotbar
    • Radial menu doesn’t stop movement when up
    • Hitting the item is based on the angle of your mouse to center, not hovering but mouse over the button.
  • Remapped inventory hotbar to shift + 1-8 on keyboard as an alternative.
    • MOBA, Diablo, and Starcraft players, rejoice.
  • Updated Main Menu options and flow.
  • Teammate/Friendly names are now light blue in color 
  • Remove light blue from enemy conning ranges
  • Updated interaction icons


  • Removed the tutorial option from the main menu and added it into the main campaign as a prologue.
    • For existing characters, you will not spawn into the prologue if you have already leveled up. 
  • Updated weather and lighting. 
  • Removed hanging bags
  • Add default heavy attack keybind to tutorial modal popup
    • It’s LEFT CONTROL by default.
    • Get yourself a gamer mouse and put it on a thumb button.
  • Removed additional island 
  • Updated tool tips
  • Updated widgets
  • Improved enemy navigation
  • Added a failsafe to complete any crafting tasks if you pre-crafted the items
  • Removed the Rune Forge from Seer Hut so you don’t need Allmetal


  • Reverted Age of Awakening weather back to what it is now.
  • Re-added the intro cinematic
  • Updated Chapter 4 VO.
  • Updated Chapter 4 quests.
  • Finished adding Chapter 4 VO and polished what was already there
  • You now sail Naglfar to the new VP entrance
  • Enemy stat and placement tuning
  • Added Rider after destroying the statue
  • Removed forcing player to talk to Radmir in Age 2 (he is only side quests now)
  • Updated Path of the Survivalist to use campfires instead of bandages. 
  • Fixed some incorrect quest task text and typos
  • Updated Radmir’s quest in Chapter 2. 
  • Updated Loki fight scaling. 
  • Vigrid Plain bosses use the same boss health bar as loki
  • Updated dialogue timing in Vigrid Plain encounters
  • Updated enemies in Age 3 encounter. 


  • Reduced enemy HP and damage scaling in coop slightly
  • Revive with 20% HP
  • Default hosted game name to player’s name
  • Fixed an issue where your computer name would show up instead of your player name


  • Re-enabled Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
    • Default starting level and level cap is 1
    • Attribute points are pre-allocated.
  • Added Gorsimi Tunnel Arena PvP Map


  • Updated textures and contrast on armor to make them more visually distinct. 
  • Fixed items that had white boxes and no numbers for items that affect your core stats (strength, dexterity etc)
  • Removed “DLC” from Ice Bow/Arrows description
    • This was a typo, they were never DLC.
  • Removed cooldown on food
  • Fixed an issue where severed limbs couldn’t be wieldable
  • Updated spike trap icon
  • Removed Free Falling and Lobbing mods from items


  • Allow crafting using vault ingredients
  • Increase inventory size by 16


  • Fixed an issue where voiced dialogue would replay and overlap when loading into different maps.


  • Mega Volcano now actually kills you if you step into it. 
  • Made a new shrine to commemorate the tree that instantly kills you if you try to cut it down. 


  • Updated snow pattern on the ground leading out of Heimdall’s village as a tribute to all the base jumpers that have died in this specific spot to see if there’s fall damage.
    • Spoiler alert: RUNE II has fall damage. 
  • Adjusted village props. 


  • Elderstadt Castle Updates
    • Raised the crypt
    • Widened hallways that were too narrow
    • Lowered how gold the treasure room was. 


  • Updated default controller layout
    • A – Jump / Dodge Roll
    • B – Quick Dodge
    • X – Use / Interact
    • Y – Throw Weapon
    • Start – Inventory Menu
    • Select – Root Menu
    • D-Pad – 4 Skill Hotbar Slots
    • Right Stick Button – N/A
    • Left Stick Button – Lock On / Sprint
    • Left Shoulder – Open Radial Inventory Menu
    • Right Shoulder – Light Attack
    • Left Trigger – Block
    • Right Trigger – Heavy Attack / Use Prayer Stone
  • Updated inventory management system support.


  • Make Freki have blue eyes cause he’s our friend :3


  • Some dialog and subtitles may be mismatched
  • All VO is NOT final with more to come.
  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
    • Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
    • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible during the “For Thor!” quest
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.

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