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10 / 07 / 17

Known as the Allfather, Odin’s quest for knowledge knows no bounds. He travels the Nine Worlds in search of wisdom on the back of his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. His adventures often lead him down dangerous paths littered with vicious creatures and unsuspecting wanderers. To combat these dangerous excursions, Odin hides his identity and has been known to sacrifice life and limb to achieve great knowledge.

Warrior Shamans, better known as berserkers, hold a special place in Odin’s heart – especially those who associate with ferocious totem animals and master advanced fighting techniques. For the brave warriors who die on the battlefield, Odin rewards them with an eternity in Valhalla, eating, drinking, and enjoying all of life’s greatest pleasures.

To those who are intelligent enough to pledge allegiance to Odin, prepare yourself to follow in his knowledge-seeking footsteps, but beware of the cruel beasts you may find along your journey. While some animals may heed your call, others may not be so agreeable.

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