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Island Naming Contest Winners Announced

02 / 09 / 18
Island Naming Contest Winners Announced

By Odin’s beard, that’s a lot of names!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an island name for last week’s contest. There were a ton of awesome names and concepts from the community. So many, in fact, that for the first time ever we have multiple winners!

The judges (also known as the dev team) have voted and the tallies are in. Congratulations to Patrickres9, GrantTale, Harvald Bonebreaker, Kujta, and Bruno Formagio! Their winning island names will be featured as in-game chunks of land. Pretty neat! Check out the winning entries below.

Disclaimer: While the names will be used, the final design of these islands will be handled on our end.

Gammel Skog – Patrickres9
“Gammel Skog is an isle of twisted roots, jagged rock, crashing waves, and nothing more. If it doesn’t tear your hull to pieces it will surely tear your feet apart when you make landfall. Roots and rock and waves and nothing more. Except the witch. Yes, the witch is there. The horrors we found amidst the mass of trees of the isle of Gammel Skog that day were straight from Hel herself. We didn’t find what we were looking for and I will not go back.”

Hugsjúkr – Bruno Formagio
“Surrounded by fog and sunken vessels, this mysterious place is feared by travelers and fishermen alike. There are no confirmed reports of what exists in the core of the island, since all visitors didn’t return. The vegetation is closed and access to the island is hampered by the absence of beaches.”

Dødsskygger Island – GrantTale
“You probably heard the legend of Fenrir, what you didn’t know was there was another terrifying beast locked up in magical chains inside an island. The goddess Hel created the beast in secret to make her army of the dead invincible. It was made in the shadow of ashes inside a shadow volcano where magma was black, hotter than normal lava. It was RISING from the shadow of ashes to the sky. The whole island was doomed to death – it feeds on souls from all the people who lived there. Hel’s army became bigger when the terrifying beast became stronger.”

Redheim – Harvald Bonebreaker
“The red mountain island called Redheim is a fierce landscape with natives living in its parts. There are also legends told of the red fire giants in the deep depth of the mountain…many foolish vikings sought the riches within but were never seen again. This is no fertile land. Here, you kill whatever you find to survive. The natives are both tough and harsh, they are hostile to any who aren’t their own, so do you dare enter the great red mountain of RedHeim?”

Tears of Bifröst – Kujta
“There is a legend about a shattering moment, where a part of rainbow bridge broke down – some say, the gods got a little bit too drunk and started smashing on the feast table too fiercely. The shards of Bifröst fell down into the ocean as a meteor shower, creating an island complex, in an interesting way. In the center, there is an main Island. On this island there is a hill, where one can find a complex and strange energy (maybe even a memorial). Around this main island, there are five smaller islands, all of them connected to a main island with a mini rainbow bridge (the tears of Bifröst), so you can cross onto another island.”

On top of having their island names featured in Rune, our winners will also receive access keys and their names in the credits!

Do you want to join them and our other Key Winners? Be on the lookout for a new contest opening this coming Monday!

Note: Prior to February 28, 2018, Rune was titled Rune: Ragnarok

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