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10 / 07 / 17

Undoubtedly the most beautiful, and promiscuous, of all of the goddesses, Freya is obsessed with material possessions. Though these traits often position her as the object of everyone’s affection, Freya doesn’t need anyone’s assistance fighting off enemies. When her charm and flirtation can’t get her out of a sticky situation, she calls upon a suit of feathers that allows her to shapeshift into a falcon.

Fancy toys and charm only get her so far. Freya’s true power lies in her mastery of a Norse magic that can alter destiny. Her practice of seidr magic garners respect, admiration, and fear from those around her.  Freya was the first to bring this powerful magic to the gods and one of the most powerful goddesses to use it.

For those bold enough to pledge allegiance to Freya, focus on harnessing your inner magic, but beware of the elements. Frost and extreme cold may not be in your favor.  

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