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Closed Beta Update: Open World and Server Stress Testing

06 / 22 / 18
Closed Beta Update: Open World and Server Stress Testing

Ready your weapons and gather your clan, Rune is entering Closed Beta! We’re kicking off the next phase of development with a four-hour battle on Midgard. Since our last Closed Alpha test, we’ve made it easier to group up with friends, added raids, and introduced some brand new enemies. New dangers are lurking around every corner. We’ve also:

– Added PvE servers
– Optimizations to reduce server lag and increase server performance
– Improved enemy AI and enemy attacks via added combos
– Added grouping system (prototype)
– Added a new Elite Draugr model
– Added a new deer and boar models
– Updated giant movement and attacks
– Improved sailing and boat performance
– Updated Loki Stones so they’re unlocked by level and appear in the map when unlocked
– Added a drop indicator to Loki meteors
– Updated day/night cycle (shorter night)
– Improvements to environmental art, lighting, and effects
– Continued balance to enemy damage and health
– And many more bug fixes and overall polish

 Important Notes for June 23 Server Stress Test
– The skill tree menu has been disabled for this test
– The world size is limited – turn back or die! If we stress test the servers and many people who took the oath participate, we will open up more of the world during the next test!

All key winners will have access to the June 23 playtest and we’re sending out a new batch of keys today! If you’ve already taken the oath to be there, your key will arrive this evening with instructions to download the game.

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