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Closed Beta #6: November 10 & 13

11 / 10 / 18
Closed Beta #6: November 10 & 13

A battle is on the horizon, warrior. Take arms and join us for the most intense Closed Beta playtest yet. Servers will be live November 10 from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST (UTC-6). In addition, the same build will also be available on November 13, 2018. Servers will be live from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CST (UTC-6). Journey your way through a revamped Viking world and witness a number of optimizations, bug fixes, and updates.

Patch Notes:

  • Immerse yourself in the story with god voice over
    • God voice over (all temp right now) is in for Odin, Hel, Thor, Loki and the mysterious Stranger for early quests until the Conrack battle
  • Track your journey through Midgard with an improved quest system
    • You receive quests in larger packs now, from special areas in the world, smoke spires (temp artwork right now)
    • Quests have HUD graphics for both main and side quests
    • The Quest UI screen now has new marked for quests you have not read yet and are broken down into main, side, and completed
    • Some quests will have task lists, a list of things to do in no particular order
  • Rebuild the world that Ragnarok has destroyed
    • Rebuildable longhouses now have a work-in-progress ownership UI over them.
    • Owners are the person who puts the most resources into the completed longhouse, owners can use the building
    • Contributors are player who put in any amount of resources into the longhouse, contributors can use the building
    • The over-building UI denotes if you are owner or contributer
    • Any player that does not add any resources and the longhouse is completed, will not be allowed to use the longhouse, will be locked out of it
    • The damage bar will be important next beta when you can damage rebuildables
  • Feel the divine power with new god alignment cut scenes.
    • God alignment now have first pass cutscenes showing the transfer of god power to the player, statues turn to gold, god drop happens afterwards
  • Unleash the fury of your god with the powerful prayer stone
    • This blessed power is available after aligning with a god. It is no longer in your inventory, but is now tied to the R key
  • Experience the realm of Midgard like never before with overhauled world lighting.
    • Richer colors, enhanced fog, more dramatic ambience, and improved weather states
  • Eliminate your enemies with smoother combat and dodging
    • Combat enhancements improve game feel.
    • Revel in the return of the jump spin attack

Known Bugs:

  • If you are not a contributor to a longhouse and you follow someone in the open door and they leave, you will be stuck inside of it (Z will kill yourself, you will not be able to retrieve your death bag) or you can wait till someone lets you out
  • Sometimes when you die, your death bag might not appear, you will lose your stuff
  • Sometimes lore stones will not turn off the glow when you grab them, they will still show up in your lore screen, but the glow will not shut off


  • When using a rebuildable, you have to look at each resource to have it register, their should be a thin outline around the item you are looking at
  • Use F to place a campfire, ship, raft, or banner
  • Once you get past level 10, leveling up can become much harder. We will be adding more quests and things to do to gain XP in the coming months. Development thus far has focused on the levels 1-10
  • Not all rocks in the world are harvestable – only the ones with a glowing, shimmering effect can be harvested
  • Most trees are harvestable except the really thin ones
  • Tab will bring up a quick armor/weapon wheel
  • You can loot death bags in PvE. We plan to change this in upcoming playtests


Do you want to join the next battle? Click here and take the oath to claim your key.

See you in Midgard, warrior.

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