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Closed Beta #5: October 20 & 23

10 / 18 / 18
Closed Beta #5: October 20 & 23

The next Closed Beta test is on October 20, 2018. Servers will be live from 12:00pm – 4:00pm CDT (GMT-5). In addition, the same build will also be available on October 23rd, 2018. Servers will be live from 4:00pm – 8:00pm CDT (GMT-5). Has your clan been notified?

Before Rune moves into Steam Early Access, Closed Beta testers will journey back to Midheim for another bloodbath. These brave warriors will witness significant improvements including:

Patch Notes:

  • Newly added female player character
  • Updated god alignment – choose between Odin, Hel, Thor, or remaining a heathen
  • Improved story and god dialogue shown through pop-up dialogue boxes
  • Updated quests with more solid flow for levels 1-10
  • God blessings – each god gives you a different blessing, be sure to equip the prayer stone in your hotbar to use, only works after you align to a god
  • God alignment stats updated – each god has different stats for health, damage, movement speed, stamina, and defense
  • Updated longhouse rebuildables – less resources and less steps to complete
  • Expanded levels –  50 is the new maximum
  • Night time enemies – more wolves and draugr at night, higher damage and health values at night, less human warriors and Einn at night
  • New enemy type during night time – you will have to explore to find it
  • Environment changes including additional paths/roads and human objects to show the destruction of Ragnarok
  • Updated world lighting (day, night, and all weather conditions)

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes when you take a quest, the beacon light rays don’t go away, but you still have the quest
  • Sometimes when you die, your death bag might not appear, you will lose your stuff
  • Sometimes lore stones will not turn off the glow when you grab them, they will still show up in your lore screen, but the glow will not shut off
  • Some video cards have a gray screen, if you change the quality settings from Epic to High back to Epic, it usually fixes this issue


  • When using a rebuildable, you have to look at each resource to have it register, their should be a thin outline around the item you are looking at
  • Use F to place a campfire, ship, raft, or banner
  • To use your prayer stone, add it to your hotbar and activate it by pressing the number for the slot (1-5).  You must have aligned to a god before the stone will work. Enemies will be affected that are in close, forward proximity of you
  • Once you get past level 10, leveling up can become much harder.  We will be adding more quests and things to do to gain XP in the coming months. To date we have been focused on the levels 1-10
  • Not all rocks in the world are harvestable – only the ones with a glowing, shimmering effect can be harvested
  • Most trees are harvestable except the really thin ones
  • Tab will bring up a quick armor/weapon wheel

Do you want to join the next battle? Click here and take the oath to claim your key.

See you in Midgard, warriors.

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