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Closed Beta #4: September 1

09 / 01 / 18
Closed Beta #4: September 1

The next Closed Beta test is on September 1, 2018. Servers will be live from 8:00am – 8:00pm CDT (GMT-5). 

To celebrate the launch of presale, we’re hosting a 12-hour bloodbath. This week, players will see the following updates: 

  • PvE servers working correctly
  • Combat system updates – removed forward steps in attacks, full control at all times with your character’s movement
  • Enemy heads are now a weapon, can throw them
  • Anvils that are near you will appear in the map
  • More guided experience through the beginning stages of the game
  • More quests and updated existing quests since last beta
  • Skill points awarded for level ups, assign skills in the inventory screen
  • Safe zones from AI enemies inside of buildings
  • More environment updates, visual additions
  • Added more god dialogue during gameplay

Vikings who will not be testing with us can wishlist the game on Steam now or you can preorder the game at presale.runeragnarok.com

Who’s ready for battle?

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