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Closed Beta #3: August 18

08 / 17 / 18
Closed Beta #3: August 18

The next Closed Beta test begins tomorrow, August 18. Servers will be live from 12:00pm – 4:00pm CDT (GMT-5). Has your clan been notified?

Before Rune moves into Early Access next month, Closed Beta testers will journey back to Midheim for another bloodbath. These brave warriors will witness significant improvements including:

  • Full open world available for the first time
    • Traverse the entire map with over 20 islands to explore and conquer (if you can manage to survive the journey)
  • Revamped combat and enemy AI
    • Thanks to the community (especially Rune Classic fans like Bringer of Pain), the combat saw major combat updates near the end of Closed Alpha. The combat has been enhanced further to be faster and more intense with improvements to hitboxes and combo button press timing
    • Enemy AI is now smarter and more deadly, with more attack options and the ability to harness Rune powers
  • Completely new quests including the main line quests
    • Set out on your journey to end Ragnarok by defeating Loki’s minions
    • More god interactions with player and improved first time user experience to help guide you through the beginning of the game
  • Redesigned UI/UX for inventory, crafting, and equip screens
    • UI/UX has been streamlined to be faster and more intuitive, including a hotbar weapon system that gives players more flexibility.
    • Updated crafting system in the game
    • Gather resources from enemies, animals, and the environment to craft powerful weapons, armor, traps, runes, and more
  • Rebuild longhouses in the world, by yourself or with your friends
    • Take your crafting resources to villages and rebuild what was destroyed when Ragnarok began
  • Clan system
    • What’s a Viking without their clan? This battle will feature a reworked party system which allows you team up with friends to conquer the end of days
    • Ability to see nearby clan members via an icon over their heads
  • Continued improvement to server stability and performance
    • Reduced rubberbanding and further optimized the build for a smoother multiplayer experience

Vikings who will not be testing with us tomorrow can wishlist the game on Steam now.

Who’s ready for battle?

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