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Closed Alpha Update: Brutal Battles and Open World Testing

05 / 31 / 18
Closed Alpha Update: Brutal Battles and Open World Testing

While you were helping us test combat by throwing down on Redheim, we’ve been hard at work improving the vast, open world where you can team up with fellow warriors to take down mythical monsters, sail to exotic new islands, and ultimately slay Loki and his minions. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re wrapping up our combat tests and Open World Closed Alpha starts June 6! The combat tests have been extremely valuable and we can’t wait to show you what’s beyond Redheim.

All previously selected warriors will have access to a portion of the open world where you can rip enemies limb from limb, create allegiances to defeat a giant, and maybe enjoy a little bit of sailing. If Odin hasn’t called you for battle, fear not! We’re giving away more keys before June 6. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter.

We also invite you to join us for a Facebook Live AMA with Chris on June 5 from 12:00pm – 8:00pm CDT. Get all of your burning open world questions answered before we throw you into Midgard and see how you hold up during Ragnarok. RSVP here.

To all of the warriors who helped make the combat tests a success – THANK YOU. We’ve received awesome feedback from fans like Bringer of Pain, Sanfard, Nail, Ransom Seraph, KnightLight, Timberwolf, Lupus, Khro, Lord_Islau, KMoritz, SorenBjerg, Kero Frog, Hertig Torulf, JurRiOh, Slade, Nartharin, Bengeance, Jaosn, merc, I-VAC, Socketboy, Timowitz, bridgiebear, Teru, Predator, mclooty, Phoenix, Knackers, Sakuria, Dave, and more. Because of your feedback, here’s what’s new in this week’s PvP playtest.

Community Feedback Fixes

  • Direction attack / combos have been implemented!
    • You have different combos depending upon if you move forward, backward, or are moving left or right
  • Dodging is much faster, you can attack and turn while dodging
  • Dodging animations do not move as far (keep in mind that dodging is still turned off by default)
  • Taking damage results in a brief pain state
  • Successfully blocking results in the attacker being briefly stunned
  • Fixed collision issues on Redheim map that community found and reported with screenshots
  • Armor floats if you break a chest and are full inventory
  • Players forfeit the ability to block while eating or drinking
  • Players can delete old saved games
  • The dreaded sound effect for taking damage after losing a limb has been replaced
  • Hair does not float on head loss any more
  • Vsync turning on/off no longer makes screens go grey
  • Text chat no longer replicates messages for each post
  • Motion blur is turned off
  • VR should no longer launch when Rune starts up
  • Saved games associated with old servers time out if selected
  • Players will not pass through closed doors
  • Fixed a bunch of the camera issues on the giant
  • Dead player’s weapons no longer float
  • Frost weapons do not permanently freeze players
  • Players die when the head is cut off
  • Players can eat and drink with left hand, when right hand is cut off
  • Fixed a bad spawn point in Redheim where players couldn’t initially move

General Fixes

  • Text chat is smaller on screen
  • Text chat can be closed (Backspace button)
  • Dodging changed from double-tap to spacebar when you are blocking
  • Updated ice weapons, freezing is only for a couple of seconds
  • Updated hitboxes for all weapons
  • Weapons are retrieved sooner after eating or drinking

We hope you enjoy Redheim on Friday because things are going to get even more brutal in Midgard next week.

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