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An Elite Enemy from the Underworld Awaits

08 / 22 / 18
An Elite Enemy from the Underworld Awaits

Among a host of enemies: giants, wolves, wild boar, Einn, Draugr, fellow Vikings, dragons, sea serpents, and gods trying to end your journey through Ragnarok; a new enemy awaits. The draugr is an enemy class of undead warriors that have returned to the land of the living. Raised from the underworld to fight alongside Hel in the quest to end Ragnarok, these elite soldiers were stolen from her grasp and are now under the control of the maniacal god Loki.

The longer these warriors were trapped in the underworld, the more like it they became – their flesh fusing with frozen relics from the land of the undead.


Stronger, smarter, and more powerful than your average undead warrior, the Elite Draugr seeks to wage war equipped with more powerful weapons, increased health stats, and a mastery of devastating attacks.

Rune carvings were thought of as a means to guarantee victory. They are carved into their icy flesh in the same way the fates carved runes into the trunk of the Yaggdrasil.


The Elite Draugr is typically found patrolling higher elevation or colder areas, but will roam all of Midgard to viciously attack those who threaten Loki’s reign. To avoid falling victim to these fiendish combatants, wise warriors will study their movements carefully and evade their sophisticated lunge and leap attacks. When face-to-face with an Elite Draugr, it helps to have your clan by your side. However, if your brothers in arms are busy, enlist the help of nearby enemies. Elite Draugr will fight anything that crosses its path. The more your enemies fight each other, the safer you and your clan will be.

Elite Draugr need little armor because they fear nothing and no one. The few pieces that adorn them are made from cursed gold forged long ago and embellished with ancient carvings.


Defeat these gruesome warriors in face-to-face combat and you may find yourself one step closer to their leader: the Deceiver himself.

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