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PTR Update 1.2.17841 Patch Notes

10 / 20 / 20
PTR Update 1.2.17841 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a loading loop
  • 2% chance to drop Wieldable variant of severed limbs
  • Enable RTX checkbox if supported
    • This is a beta. 
    • -dx12 must be in your launch options for this to work.
  • Updated main menu video


  • Added Chapter 4: Night to Campaign
  • Add “equip skill” quest for players that need a little more help learning how to equip skills in the hotbar
  • Fixed quest barriers blocking progression after Shrine of the Kraken quest
  • Tweaked some recipe progression, added more recipes given through levels 
  • Made all elemental arrows usable at level 20
  • Fixed exclamation marks on friendly dragon and deer
  • Added Fyodor the Frozen boss quest
  • Fixed Viveka not spawning at DS
  • Guarantee mead if the mead dwarf is killed
  • Made allies/followers aggressive towards everything except deer
  • Made giants aggressive towards each other
  • Fixed incorrect gating on some gear
  • Fixed bow attack damages
  • Fixed some typos
  • Longer respawn times on enemies in fort above Kospr
  • Fixed floating hay pile in new area across from Heimdall’s village
  • Fixed infinite spawning draugr on Tower Down quest
  • Increased Return to Midgard target size to better fool proof the age transitions
  • Further tweaking of Artifact bonuses
  • Tweaking realm weapon recipes
  • Fixed some typos, fixed Nomad Halvor saying his first line twice
  • Added Yofnir’s Scales quest
  • Updated time before ejecting players in VP.
  • Villagers take damage now.


  • Added Elderstadt Castle Dungeon 
  • Added Helheim Dungeon
  • Added Frozen Tomb of the Viking King Dungeon. 
  • Updated Gorsimi Tunnel lighting.
  • All chests in dungeons now respawn when reloading the dungeon.
    • Except for the one in the Frozen Tomb, because that would be too easy to cheese.
  • Fixed an issue where summoned allies wouldn’t get to explore the cool dungeon along with you


  • Added 2 blessing and 2 bloodlust slots, and restricted equipping accordingly.
  • Nerf berserk time gained from stats
  • Odin’s blessing is now a blessing.
    • In other news, water is wet. 
  • Removed particles and sounds from Odin’s Blessing
  • Blessings and bloodlust icons redesign
  • God power stat now increases skill damage/healing
  • Updated reinforcement description
  • Fix various skill related visuals
  • Updated order of skills for heathen


  • New Bear attack animations
  • Updated Smite skill with new animations. 


  • Loot stretched to level 50
    • Added new steel, copper, bronze weapons where possible
  • Fixed multiple giants having Mistletoe Dart as loot
  • Tuned artifact bonuses, made sure they all have accurate descriptions
  • New Stone Axe icon and weapon skin
  • Removed repair stone recipes
  • Fire giants always drop at least 1 fire giant blood. 
  • Updated Copper Plate Bracer description


  • Added God skill videos to alignment totems and remove the unneeded stats
  • Fix hotbar desync issues
  • Loading screen tooltip pass to make sure they all make sense and are still relevant. 
  • Clean up world waypoints on map transition
  • Fix waypoint deletion on map load
  • Updates to skill tree tooltip frame
  • New menu layouts for Campaign/Battle. Select your mode before entering server search. Remove superfluous menus and buttons.
  • Clear all tracked actors on compass on level load
  • Fix world map in dungeon
  • Player damage now shown in HUD instead of on enemies.


  • Removed all dead Giants, Humans, Dwarves, and Draugrs that were on the ground.  As per Matt’s request.
  • Removed almost all tall bushes in the world.  Approx 20,000. As per Matt’s request.
  • Smoothed out a section of the coast that was hard to jump out of the water from (issue during playtest).
  • Tuned enemy placement
  • Added enemy fort above Kospr
  • Fix ship wake particles to auto activate
  • Adjusted Age of Fire to feel more fiery.
  • Added additional NPC variants
  • Adjusted Heimdall’s tower collision 
  • Updated both pre-launch splash screens. 
  • Updated chest and enemy placements


  • Adding wander functionality to Bear 
  • Increase step height and walking slope height so enemies stop getting stuck on things
  • Added wandering behavior to boar and baby boar NPCs
  • Enemies will no longer pursue you when you get on a boat, or when you are swimming
  • Marked bosses as elite that weren’t


  • Vary things like AOE radius, dash speed, block chance, etc by game difficulty
  • Significantly harder 3 and 4 player coop. 
  • One extra spawn for 3rd and 4th player on “single spawns” and add higher chance of heavies and elites. 
  • Scale block, dodge, and lunge chance in coop. 
  • Increase general difficulty scale for 3 and 4 player lobbies.


  • Some dialog and subtitles may be mismatched
  • All VO is NOT final with more to come.
  • VO may overlap when loading
  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
    • Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
    • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible during the “For Thor!” quest
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.

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