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RUNE II Update 1.2.17551 Patch Notes

10 / 05 / 20
RUNE II Update 1.2.17551 Patch Notes

Hotfix 1.2.17551 Patch Notes

  • Updated dungeon lighting.
  • Fixed an issue where players would respawn in dungeons and then immediately fall through the map.
  • Fixed an issue where players would respawn and stop taking damage.
  • Updated skill tree background art.

RUNE II Update 1.2.17533 Patch Notes


    • Thank you community members Namaslay, Eisberg, Jus7Jon, Andreasus, Meatpopsicle, Kasca, The Everchosen, and others!
  • Fixed an issue where special edition items were no longer showing in inventory.
  • Added UPNP support so we can automagically add port forwarding options without players needing to open them manually.
    • Host a co-op game by entering a name in the Campaign character select menu at the bottom. That’s it, that’s the patch note.
    • More information at rune2.com/multiplayer
  • Fixed several crash related issues. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn and fall through the world. 
  • Fixed an issue where players would get trapped in a loading loop and be unable to spawn.
  • Removed SteamVR in shipping builds.
  • Mousewheel now zooms the camera in and out
  • Added more gibs.


  • Added New Skills quest in the dungeon (makes you open the skills menu)
    • Did you know we added a skill tree?
  • Fixed an issue where followers would despawn if the player went too far away. 
  • Added difficulty selection to initial character creation flow.
  • Updated player’s spawn points. 
  • Added additional side quests
  • Added more gibs to combat.
  • Added additional resources to the Bandit in Julnr’s quest 
  • Increased ejection time after killing a boss in the Vigrid Plain. 
  • Updated Character Creator background. 
  • Updated For Heimdall quest. You will now need to talk to Viveka to start the horde event. 
    • This fixes the issue where the horde event wouldn’t restart after failing the quest.
    • Have you tried turning the difficulty down?
  • Updated A Godly Decision Quest. 
  • Updated spawn point for Chapter 1. 
  • Updated Chapter 3 questline flow.
  • Made interactable version of Vegvisir
  • Fixed a bug where failed quests wouldn’t reactivate
  • Fixed an issue where side quests stopped track properly in dungeons. 
  • Fixed an issue where the bow camera was too far forward. 
  • Fixed rotation on bifrost gate near Kospr
  • Fixed an issue where overlapping dialog played during map loads. 
  • Fixed an issue where waypoints weren’t being cleared when transitioning maps. 
  • Fixed a known issue where completing any rebuildable will finish the task if your current task is to rebuild something.
  • Typos and Spellcheck polish.


  • Added UPNP support so we can automagically add port forwarding options without players needing to open them manually.
    • This will try to open router ports using UPNP when the user first indicates a desire to host a match by entering a hosted game name.
    • You’ll need to wait until UPNP is finished working before hitting confirm. Patience, young one. 
  • Increased the tether distance from 100m >> 250m 
  • Increased the tether teleport timer to 10s based on feedback
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to be remade when joining the same player every session
  • Fixed an issue where quests wouldn’t complete if the clients completed the task instead of the host.
  • Fixed an issue where clients in co-op couldn’t use vaults. 
  • Fixed an issue where vaults could duplicate items.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen would disappear too quickly.
    • You could see the world being built around you. It was spooky
  • Removed old co-op server files. To play multiplayer campaign, simply type a hosted game name at the character select menu and enter an optional password.


  • Increased collision size on Thor and Odin’s statue bases
  • Added new visuals for building destruction. 
  • Updated Dockworker Mackenna to level 5
  • Hopefully fix a bug with rebuildables missing exteriors on clients
  • Added fencing along the ridgeline above Heimdall’s Village.
  • Removed a stupid little brick next to Julnr


  • Fixed typos where it tells you to spend skill points instead of attribute points
  • Fixed an issue where the quest chain could break if people went out of order. 
  • Task tip polish
  • Seer Hut now costs even less materials.


  • Renamed all Passive skills to Blessings
  • Fixed an issue where Odin’s Unkindness failed to activate.
  • Updated crow flapping animation
  • Fixed Ice Shards using the wrong particle effects. 
  • Toned down the chain lighting effects a bit so they aren’t so overwhelming


  • Renamed areas and bifrost gates. 
  • Added Skadi’s Cavern exit cave near the Divine Summit
  • Moved the fence near Heimdall’s village. 
  • Added additional enemies throughout the world. 
  • Added the new world map.
  • Adjusted map scaling. 
  • Adjusted skin materials to even out the skin tones.
  • Added map ‘subtitle’ icon for that one quest.
  • Removed assets that had collision issues that prevented smooth traversal by the player
    • Looking at you arrows…and deadmen with arrows.
  • Updated Longship Icons
  • Removed all Hanging Bags


  • Added new Voice Overs. 
  • Added ducking to sound mix to lower music, and sound effects while Characters are speaking. 
  • Updated Volumes for a lot of different sound cues. 
  • Updated Skadi’s Cavern with more audio and music. 
  • Lowered long house explosion cue
  • Fixed an issue where dialogue could play twice when loading new maps.


  • Added new abilities to all named Draugrs and Elite Draugrs
    • Good luck.
  • Updated Draugr and Thrall speeds. 
  • Added a lot more enemies in the new areas around central islands
  • Enemies now take falling and tree damage. 
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could be invisible 
  • Made the baby boars move
  • Brushed and matted the Bear’s fur.


  • Added additional light sources and props in Skadi’s Cavern to help “show the way”.
  • Added a quest barrier to the end of Skadi’s Cavern. 
  • Updated spawning platform in Skadi’s Cavern
  • Updated ambient lighting in Skadi’s Cavern
  • Fixed an issue where chat windows stopped working in dungeons. 
  • Fixed an issue where dying in Skadi’s Cavern would put you into an infinite deathloop. 
  • Fixed a bug where the respawn shrine was wiped when saving in the dungeons.


  • Fixed an issue where special edition items were no longer showing in inventory.
  • Added Ship of the God Slayer for all RUNE II God Slayer owners. 
  • Adjusted turning rate on all ships
    • You can turn a little faster when sailing, as a treat
  • Fixed interact text on Ship of the Valkyrie
  • Added additional ships because calm waters never made a skilled Viking sailor
  • Added additional icons 
  • Added x10 recipes for Cooked Meat, Lizards, and Mushrooms
  • God amulets are now salvageable
  • Fix gear breaking when taking hits even when marked not to break.
  • Fixed an issue where shields would break at 0 durability.
  • Updated defense mods to match new defense formula
  • Removed all repair stones 


  • Added difficulty selection options to character creator
  • Removed 5th inventory and skills hotbar slot. 
  • Updated the skill tree slot to show the mapping when Odin’s Unkindness is equipped 
  • Swapped Accept and Cancel when entering the game and fast travelling.
    • Accept always goes on the left. ALWAYS.
  • Significantly toned down basic slash and hit visual effects.  
  • Reduced blocking visual effects.
  • Updated parry effect to play in the right weapon location. 
  • Updated the maps for Midgard and Skadi’s Cavern
  • Updated inventory to tell you to spend your ATTRIBUTE POINTS
  • Fixed an issue where panning the map could cause a rapid memory leak and then a crash. 
  • Fixed an issue where tab targeting would lock on to allies. 
  • Fixed an issue where mouse wheel not zooming the map 
  • Fixed an issue where quest critical recipes and items wouldn’t highlight


  • Some dialog and subtitles may be mismatched
  • All VO is NOT final with more to come.
  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
    • Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
    • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible during the “For Thor!” quest
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.

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