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RUNE II Update 1.2.16706 Patch Notes

09 / 14 / 20
RUNE II Update 1.2.16706 Patch Notes


  • Made all quest items and artifacts droppable.
    • Hover over the item and hold right click to drop an item.
  • Increased bracer durability.
  • Added Bronze Bracers (Recipe unlocks automatically at level 6)
  • Tweaked material cost of crafting bracers
  • Fixed descriptions on Artifacts.


  • Added better rewards for completing the Mysterious Shrine side quest
  • Added Viveka to talk with you at the Divine Summit in Chapter 1.
  • Fixed broken link connecting Hel’s path side quest
  • Fixed a task that said to look for Bandits when you’re actually looking for Cannibals
  • Fixed various typos.


  • Fixed the icon for Odin’s Unkindness.
  • Updated Main Menu.

Known issues:

  • Odin’s Unkindness may fail to activate.
  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • The map of Midgard shows the old map instead of the new map.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
    • ¬†Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
    • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Dialogue cards may be mismatched to the incorrect speaker.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible
  • Completing any rebuildable will finish the task if your current task is to rebuild something
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is REQUIRED.

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