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RUNE II Update 1.2.16670 Patch Notes

09 / 09 / 20
RUNE II Update 1.2.16670 Patch Notes

This page is for die-hard fans that have been following RUNE II’s development patches and contains the differences between RUNE II PTR Patch 1.1.16618 and RUNE II patch 1.2.16670. To view the full cumulative notes of the RUNE II The Campaign Update, go here!


  • Replaced intro movie.
  • Nomad Yan is now just named Yan 
  • Fixed Old Grey Frode’s first quest
  • Fixed some typos in dialogue
  • Updated recipes to ensure you get recipes before quests, or are led to the required lorestone for progression.
  • Renamed Katydid to Katya
  • Updated VO and quests accordingly
  • Storrbita in Heimdall’s village now gives you Frostbit Ore as a gift
  • Changed some localization for consistency
  • Better boss loot 
  • Tweaked stats on bosses
  • Updated some tooltips
  • Forced you to pick up the flute in gorsimi tunnel
  • Added missing waypoint
  • Villagers now attack giants and fire spirits
  • Fixed an issue with certain voiceovers repeating themselves.
    • I have learned…
    • I have learned…
  • Made quest item Flowers for Embla not droppable
  • Moved location you are told to set trap spike a little
  • Added Whetstone to Haugrdal and a Vault to Zsanet’s island
  • Fixed a floating mesh near Zsanet’s island
  • Gave Kospr better loot
  • Added waypoints to horde statue so people know what they’re defending
  • Less enemies in tutorial horde
  • Tutorial structures cost less to build 
  • Fixed typos
  • Adjusted Gjallarhorn artifact bonuses.
  • Updated artifact descriptions
  • Added more tips to some of the first quests
  • Fixed an issue where old quest dialogue would play incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in Missing Piece quests could spawn way overleveled. 


  • Dodge roll now puts out fire. 
    • Stop, drop, and roll!
  • Dodge roll chains better out of attacks, and attacks chain better out of dodge roll.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen would disappear too early and players could see the world populate around them.
    • Don’t look behind the curtain.


  • Fixed an issue with Odin’s Spear quest not tracking correctly.


  • Added a tooltip to press Control to heavy attack for more of the first enemy encounters
  • Increased range that allows players to interact with objects that are near rebuildables if they are looking right at them and closer to them than they are to the rebuildable.
  • Increased villager interaction range.
  • Updated rebuildable UI to now direct players to Hold E, not just Press E.
  • Deleted drop down for age select on main menu.


  • Fixed incorrect shield icon
  • Made all quest items Legendary rarity
  • Removed No Repair and Break On No Durability from all possible mod configurations.
  • Updated recipe requirements for trap spike to not cost a hunting spear


  • Fixed an issue with bad enemy spawns in Raven’s Keep
  • Fixed collision issue on dead bodies and statues.
  • Filled in a spot near the divine summit where players could fall through the map.
  • Cleaned up obstructive set dressing near Kospr


  • Corrected all Level Ranges
  • Adjusted Level Bounds accordingly
  • Fixed an issue where a draugr elite could moonwalk towards you while attacking.


  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn invisibly. 
  • Updated enemies within the Vigrid Plain to spawn at the player’s level.
  • Updated boss fight encounters.
  • Fixed an issue where players could stay in the VP after dying. 
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting booted after death in the Vigrid Plain.
  • Fixed an issue where players that died too early would be sent to the wrong age without a quest.
  • Fixed an issue where players that left the VP too early after beating the boss would be sent to the wrong age.


  • Reduced overall volumes on skills 
  • Updated Skadi’s Cavern ambient noise to use sound effect sliders. 
  • Updated sound effects to use correct sliders.
  • Updated God VO to use God Dialogue sliders
  • Lowered Radiant Soul skill sound effect

Known issues:

  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • The map of Midgard shows the old map instead of the new map.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
  •  Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
  • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Dialogue cards may be mismatched to the incorrect speaker.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible 
  • Completing any rebuildable will finish the task if your current task is to rebuild something
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is REQUIRED.

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